About Our Graduate Programs

The expertise of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Political Science is oriented to challenge our understanding of politics in fundamental ways and is positioned to translate new discoveries about those fundamentals into practical analysis that advances thinking in the political world. The department's faculty and students, thus, engage in pursuit of knowledge at the nexus of theory and policy, advancing UC's overall institutional strengths in applied learning and discovery. A recent program review has identified foci in two critical areas:  1) the formation of public opinion and its effect on public policy and, 2) the conceptualization of security and its effect on national and international politics.

The core strength of our graduate programs is the intellectual creativity and scholarly activity of our faculty. We seek graduate students who wish to take advantage of working closely with their professors. Prospective applicants should visit the Department of Political Science website for details about our faculty research expertise. In personal statements submitted as part of their application materials, applicants should explain how their research interests fit with the expertise of particular faculty.

Degree Offerings

The department offers the MA and PhD degrees in Political Science and the Graduate Certificate in Public Opinion and Survey Research, which may be completed as a stand-alone program or as part of an MA or PhD. Doctoral students may also pursue a concentration in Feminist Comparative and International Politics as part of their doctoral coursework. In addition, we offer the MA/JD and PhD/JD degrees in conjunction with the College of Law at the University of Cincinnati. A Dual Degree Program also exists with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria.

Please visit our department web-pages for details of the requirements for the MA and PhD degrees and Graduate Certificate.

Dual Degree Programs

MA/JD and PhD/JD

The MA/JD and PhD/JD programs are offered in collaboration with the College of Law at the University of Cincinnati. Students may complete the MA/JD program in four years and the PhD/JD program in six years. Jointly administered by the Department of Political Science and the College of Law, students may spend their first year in either program, their second year in the other college, and their subsequent years completing a combination of seminars, writing projects and externships to satisfy the requirements in both colleges. In addition to completing the required coursework, the MA degree is earned by completing either a Master's thesis or professional paper, or through satisfactory performance on the doctoral comprehensive examinations.

Diplomatic Academy

Through the Diplomatic Academy Dual Degree program, students are first admitted to the DA, complete one or two years of work and then enter the MA or PhD track at UC earning a degree from both institutions.