Faculty & Staff


Department Head: Dr. Leigh Smith 

Undergraduate Director: Dr. Richard Gass

Graduate Director: Dr. Rostislav Serota

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Rostislav A. Serota

Title: Associate Professor, Graduate Director
Office: 429 Geology-Physics Building
Tel: 513-556-0538
Email: serota@ucmail.uc.edu
Web: http://homepages.uc.edu/~serota/


  • Ph.D, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1987 (Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics).
  • M.S., Moscow State University, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 1981 (Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics).

Research Information

Research Interests

Mesoscopic physics, quantum chaos, mathematical cognitive psychology, econophysics and mathematical finance, biophysics.

Recent research:

Quantum chaos -- level spacing distribution, level correlations and various statistics of semiclassical energy levels in size-quantized systems; 

Mathematical cognitive psychology -- human response time series and distribution function with the emphasis on 1/f noise and power law tails;

Econophysics and mathematical finance - network models of economy, stochastic models for volatility, stock returns and correlation index;