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Christopher P Gauker

Title: Professor

Areas of Specialization:  Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind/psychology, philosophical logic.  My website is HERE.


  • B.A., University of Chicago, 1979.
  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1984.

Research Information

Research Interests

Gauker's primary projects concern the nature of linguistic communication. He questions the theory that linguistic communication is a matter of speakers' revealing the contents of their thoughts to hearers and proposes to replace it with a conception of linguistic communication as aiming to produce a correct representation of the context pertinent to a conversation. This entails both a distinctive conception of the semantics of natural language and a conception of linguistic cognition as resting on a kind of nonconceptual thought. For a complete list of Gauker's publications, please see his personal website (link below).



Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Gauker, Christopher. 2008. Against Accommodation: Heim, van der Sandt and the Presupposition Projection Problem. Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophy of Language 22: 129-163.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2006. Against Stepping Back: A Critique of Contextualist Approaches to the Semantic Paradoxes. Journal of Philosophical Logic 35: 393-422.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2012. What Tipper is Ready for: A Semantics for Incomplete Predicates. Noûs 46: 61-85
  • Van Cleave, Matthew, and Christopher Gauker.  2010.  Linguistic Practice and False Belief Tasks. Mind and Language, 25: 298-328.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2010. Global Domains versus Hidden Indexicals. The Journal of Semantics 27: 243-270.
  • Gauker, Christopher, 2013, "Logical Nihilism in Contemporary French Philosophy", Teorema 32, pp. 65-79.
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  • Gauker, Christopher. 2007. A Critique of the Similarity Space Theory of Concepts. Mind and Language 22: 317-345.


  • Gauker, Christopher. 2005. Conditionals in Context. MIT Press.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2003. Words without Meaning. MIT Press.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 1994. Thinking Out Loud: An Essay on the Relation between Thought and Language. Princeton University Press.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2011.  Words and Images: An Essay on the Origin of Ideas.  Oxford University Press.

Book Chapter

  • Gauker, Christopher. 2005. Semantics for Deflationists. In J.C. Beall and Bradley Armour-Garb, eds., Deflationism and Paradox, pp. 148-176. Oxford University Press.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2007. On the Alleged Priority of Thought over Language. In Savas L. Tsohatzidis, ed., John Searle’s Philosophy of Language: Force, Meaning, and Thought. Cambridge University Press, pp. 125-142.
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  • Gauker, Christopher, 2012, "Semantics and Pragmatics," in Delia Graff Fara and Gillian Russell, eds., Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Language, Routledge, pp. 18-28.
  • Gauker, Christopher, forthcoming, “Incomplete Thoughts”, in Laurence Goldstein, ed., Brevity, Oxford University Press.

Other Publications

  • Gauker, Christopher. 2011. Conditionals, Oxford Bibliographies Online.

In Press

  • Gauker, Christopher, forthcoming, "Condillac", in Benjamin Hill, Henrik Lagerlund, and Robert J. Stainton, eds., Sourcebook in the History of the Philosophy of Language. Springer.

Invited Publication

  • Gauker, Christopher. 2005. The Belief-Desire Law. Facta Philosophica 7: 121-144.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2008. Zero Tolerance for Pragmatics. Synthese 165: 359-371.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2011. Concepts are Not Icons, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 34: 127. (1000 word review of Carey, The Origin of Concepts
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2010 Contexts in Formal Semantics. Philosophy Compass 10: 568-578.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2007. The Circle of Deference Proves the Normativity of Semantics. Rivista di Estetica 34: 181-198.
  • Gauker, Christopher. 2005. On the Evidence for Prelinguistic Concepts. Theoria: Revista de Teoria, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 54, 287-297.


  • Gauker, Christopher, 2012, "What do Your Senses Say?  On Burge's Theory of Perception", Grazer Philosophische Studien 85: 311-323.
  • Gauker, Christopher, forthcoming, Review of Christoph Hoerl, Teresa McCormack, and Sarah Beck, Understanding Counterfactuals, Understanding Causation, Mind.