Past Colloquia

Every year the department hosts a major colloquium that brings to together philosophers from all over the country, and often other countries, to present papers on a topic of mutual interest.

The 54th Annual Philosophy Colloquium | February 2021

Friday, February 26, 2021 (4pm - 6pm EST)

Quill Kukla

Elena C. Cuffari

Peter Hershock   

Saturday, February 27, 2021 (8am - 10am EST)

Fred Cummins

Abeba Birhane

Rein Raud   

Saturday, February 27, 2021 (4pm - 6pm EST)

Tom Froese

Tetsushi Nonaka

Shogo Tanaka

Tetsuya Kono   

*This year’s colloquium will also be unusual in that all of the speakers have already posted videos of their talks.

View talks here

 The recommended way to participate in the colloquium is to watch the talks in advance, and post questions. Then at the session, the speakers will do 15-minute overviews of their talks and answer questions, either posted or live via Zoom.   

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The 53rd Annual Philosophy Colloquium: Philosophy of Biology

3:30-5:30PM, Thurs, Sep 27, Annie Laws, 407 TDC Cancer Genomics and Translational Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities Anya Plutynski, Department of Philosophy, Washington University, St. Louis

9:30-11AM, Fri, Sep 28, Stratford Banquet The History of Female Medicine and the Rise of Technology Sarah M. Roe, Department of Philosophy, Southern Connecticut State University

11-12:30PM, Fri, Sep 28, Stratford Banquet Room Human Beings: Differences that Make a Difference Subrena Smith, Department of Philosophy, University of New Hampshire

2-3:30PM, Fri, Sep 28, Stratford Banquet Room Stem Cell Lineages, Potential, and Models of Development Melinda B. Fagan, Department of Philosophy, University of Utah

3:30-5PM, Fri, Sep 28, Stratford Banquet Room Decentering Medicine and Healthcare in Philosophy of Health Science Sean A. Valles, Lyman Briggs College & Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University

The 52nd Annual Philosophy Colloquium: The Science of Embodied Awareness

The 51st Annual Philosophy Colloquium: Perspectives on Empathy

The 50th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: The Nature and Cognitive Role of Inner Speech

The 49th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: Socially Engaged Philosophy of Science

The 48th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: The Life and Mathematical Sciences in Early Modernity

The 47th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: Naturalism and the Nature of Philosophy

The 46th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: Thought and Language

The 45th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: Eye, Mind, and Art: Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of the Visual Arts

The 44th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: The Churchlands

Colloquia from previous years include:

2006-2007: Race in the Age of Genomic Medicine: Robert Bernasconi (Memphis), Lundy Braun (Brown), Philip Kitcher (Columbia), Catherine Lee (Rutgers), Barbara Koenig (Minnesota), Keith Ferdinand (Emory), Charles Rotimi (Howard), Luisa Borrell (Columbia), Marcus Feldman (Stanford), Troy Duster (NYU), Ranajit Chakraborty (Cincinnati)

2005-2006: Scientific Explanation: James Woodward (CalTech), Michael Strevens (NYU), Carl Craver (Washington University, St. Louis), William Bechtel (UCSD), Nancy Cartwright (LSE, UCSD)

2004-2005: Virtue Ethics vs. Kantian Ethics: Marcia Baron (Indiana University), Paul Guyer (University of Pennsylvania), Thomas Hill, Jr. (University of North Carolina), Rosalind Hursthouse (University of Auckland), Richard Kraut (Northwestern), Anselm Mueller (University of Trier), Nancy Sherman (Georgetown), Michael Slote (University of Miami).

2003-2004: Nature, Normativity, and the Autonomy of the Mind: Terence Horgan (Arizona), Joseph Levine (OSU), Lawrence Shapiro (Wisconsin), Louise Antony (OSU), Robert Van Gulick (Syracuse), Mark Lance (Georgetown), Allan Gibbard (University of Michigan), Melissa Barry (Williams College).

2002-2003: Perspectives on the Animal Mind: Frans de Waal (Emory), Colin Allen (Texas A&M), Marc Bekoff (Colorado), Paul Griffiths (Pittsburgh), Brian Keeley (Pitzer), Elisabeth Lloyd (Indiana), Sue Savage-Rumbaugh (Georgia State). (Papers were published as a special issue of Biology and Philosophy, C. Allen and R. Skipper (ed.), in 2005.)

2001-2002: Context-relativity in Semantics: Michael Glanzberg (MIT), Mitchell Green (UVA), Jeffrey King (UC Davis), Peter Ludlow (SUNY Stony Brook), Marga Reimer (Arizona), Mandy Simons (CMU), Jason Stanley (UMich), Zoltan Gendler Szabo (Cornell).

2000-2001: How do Levels in Science Relate?: Two Current Case Studies. Paul Churchland (UCSD), James Shapiro (Microbiology, U.Chicago), Michael Dietrich (Biology, Dartmouth), C. Kenneth Waters (U. Minn), Patricia Goldman-Rakic (Neurobiology, Yale), Kenneth Schaffner (George Washington), Robert McCauley (Emory).

1999-2000: Plato as Author: The Rhetoric of Philosophy (jointly with the Classics Department): Twenty invited speakers, including Charles Griswold (Boston U.), Charles Kahn (U. Pennsylvania), Allan Silverman (Ohio State).

1998-99: History of Logic: Ignacio Angelelli (University of Texas), Nino Cocchiarella (University of Indiana), Peter King (Ohio State), Gyulia Klima (Notre Dame), Ian Müller (University of Chicago), Calvin Normore (UCLA), Terence Parsons (University of California, Irvine), Stephen Read (Univesity of St. Andrews), Christian Thiel (Erlangen), Paul Thom (Melbourne), Michael White (Arizona State).

1997-98: Perspectives on Rationality: Rules of Thought and Action: Six speakers: Ellery Eels (University of Wisconsin), James Joyce (University of Michigan), Gerd Gigerenzer (Max-Planck-Institute for Psychological Research), Mark Kaplan (University of Wisconsin), Isaac Levi (Columbia University), Edward McClennan (Bowling Green University).

1996-97: Lesbian//Feminist Philosophy, Activism and Thoughtful Practice. Eight invited speakers, including: Marilyn Frye (Michigan State), Maria Lugones (Binghamton), Sarah Hoagland (Northeastern Illinois), Sarah Schulman (Lesbian Avengers), Nadine Smith (Human Rights Task Force of Florida).

1995-96: Eudaimonia and Well-Being: Nine invited speakers, including: Julia Annas (Arizona), Wayne Sumner (Toronto), Tom Hurka (Calgary), Steve White (Texas), Philip Mitsis (NYU), David Hahm (Ohio State). (Papers published as Eudaimonia and Well-Being, L. Jost and R. Shiner (ed.), APP.

1994-95: Significance in Semantics: Crispin Wright (St. Andrews, Scotland), Robert Brandom (Pittsburgh), Jon Barwise (Indiana), Neil Tennant (Ohio State), Mark Lance (Georgetown), Marian David (Notre Dame), Michael Hand (Texas A&M).

1993-94: Music and Meaning: Kendall Walton (Michigan), Jerrold Levinson (Maryland), Stephen Davies (Auckland), Diana Raffman (Ohio State), Kathleen Higgins (Texas), Anthony Newcomb (Berkeley), Fred Maus (UVA), Charles Fisk (Wellesley), Alicyn Warren (Columbia), Leo Treitler (CUNY), Marion Guck (Washington U.).

1992-93: Evolutionary Patterns: Richard Lewontin (Harvard), Niles Eldredge (American Museum of Natural History), Stuart Kauffman (Santa Fe Institute), Robert Brandon (Duke), William Wimsatt (Chicago), Peter Taylor (Cornell), Richard Burian (VPI), Jane Maienschein (Arizona State), Sandra Mitchel (UC San Diego), Rudolph Raff (Indiana).

1991-92: Beyond Twin Earth: Anti-Individualism in the Philosophy of Mind and Language: Tyler Burge (UCLA), Frederick Schmitt (Illinois), Lynne Rudder Baker (Massachusetts), Mark Crimmins (Cornell), Bernard Kobes (Arizona State), Willem de Vries (New Hampshire).

1990-91: Hume in Cincinnati: Nine invited speakers, including: Don Garrett (Utah), Philip Cummins (Iowa), Wade Robison (Rochester IT), Corliss Swain (St. Olaf), Saul Traiger (Occidental), David Owen (Arizona), Elizabeth Radcliffe (Santa Clara), Charlotte Brown (Illinois Wesleyan), Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (North Carolina).

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