2008 Colloquium

44th Annual Philosophy Colloquium: The Churchlands

All sessions will be held in the Max Kade Center, 736 Old Chem (unless noted otherwise below)

Thursday, May 15

5:30-7:30pm: Keynote Address and Charles P. Taft Memorial Lecture

Paul Churchland
Valtz Chair of Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego

8:00pm: Speakers' Dinner with Philosophy Graduate Students

Bickle-Bernstein Compound

Friday, May 16

10:00am-12:00pm: Morning Session

Pete Mandik
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science, William Paterson University of New Jersey

12:00pm-1:30pm: Buffet Lunch

1:30-3:30pm: Afternoon Session

Jacqueline A. Sullivan
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Neurobiology, University of Alabama, Birmingham

3:30-4:00pm: Coffee Break

4:00-6:00pm: Keynote Address and Charles P. Taft Memorial Lecture

Patricia Churchland
University of California President's Professor of Philosophy, University of California, San Diego; Adjunct Professor, Salk Institute

7:30pm: Colloquium Banquet

Maury's Tiny Cove
3908 Harrison Avenue, Cheviot, OH
(open to speakers, department faculty, graduate students, invited guests-non-vegetarian and vegetarian dinner options available)

Saturday, May 17

10:00am-12pm: Morning Session

10:00am-12pm: Morning Session

William Casebeer
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force, Chief of Eurasian Intelligence Analysis, NATO Military Headquarters

12:00noon-2:00pm: Lunch (on your own-local restaurant guide provided)

2:00-4:00pm: Afternoon Session

Title: TBD

Adina Roskies
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dartmouth College

4:00-4:30pm: Coffee Break

4:30-6:30pm: Evening Session

Peggy DesAutels
Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Dayton

7:00pm: Colloquium Closing Reception

Bickle-Bernstein Compound (all colloquium attendees invited, driving and parking directions available at sessions)