Taft Lectures



The Charles P. Taft Memorial Fund sponsors a program of public lectures each year, including one or more in mathematics. These lectures feature prominent mathematicians speaking on recent important developments in their field. Each lecturer usually gives two lectures on consecutive days. The first lecture is aimed at a fairly general audience, while the second tends to include more specialized material. The name of each lecture under "Topic of Talk" below is a link to detailed information, including the date of each talk, the location, and the abstract. The Taft Lectures are free and open to the public.

Previous Lectures

Year Lecturer
2018 Craig Tracy
2017 Jean-Michel Coron
2016 Peter Ryan
2016 Daniel Smith-Tone
2015 Jeff Weeks
2015 Jeff Weeks
2015 Larry Goldstein
2015 Amir Dembo
2014 Michael Lacey
2014 Gennady Samorodnitsky
2013 Gunther Uhlmann
2012 Lawrence C. Evans
2012 Persi Diaconis
2010 Gaven Martin
2009 Jean-Michel Coron
Henrik Shahgholian
2007 Alan Karr
2006 Tom Korner
1931 - 2002 Various