The UC Math Department Colloquia will most frequently be held on Thursdays at 4 pm in Rm 120 WCharlton, unless otherwise noted. Each title under "Topic of Talk" is a link to a detailed announcement, including date, room, building, and the speaker's abstract in .pdf format.

Refreshments are served 3:15 - 3:45 pm, unless otherwise noted, in the Faculty & Graduate Student Lounge, Room 4118 French Hall West. This is an opportunity to meet the speaker in a casual setting. These events are free and open to students and the general public. There are no colloquia scheduled in the summer semesters.

2017 - 2018

Speaker & Affiliation Title  Date    

Dr. Jaehong Jeong 
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

A Stochastic Generator of Global Monthly Wind Energy with Tukey g-and-h Autoregressive Processes Jan 23, 2018

Dr. Amy Braverman 
California Institute of Technology

Uncertainty Quantitfication for Remote Sensing Data Jan 18, 2018
Dr. Mikael Kuusela
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Locally stationary spatio-temporal interpolation of Argo profiling float data Jan 11, 2018

Xuan Cao
University of Florida

Graphical Models, Non-local Priors in High-dimensional Bayesian Analysis Jan 16, 2018
Professor Chris Cosner
University of Miami
Dynamics of Populations with Individual Variation in Dispersal on Bounded Domains Nov 9, 2017
Prof Fabrice Baudoin
University of Connecticut 
Laplacian comparison theorems in sub-Riemannian geometry Oct 5, 2017