MS in Statistics Program Description

  • A minimum of 30 graduate credits in statistics with a GPA of at least 3.0

  • The following courses are required (19-20 credits):
    • STAT6021-2 Mathematical Statistics I and II
    • STAT6031-2 Applied Statistics I and II
    • STAT7023    Linear Models and Multivariate Analysis I
    • STAT7024    Linear Models and Multivariate Analysis II or
    • STAT7020    Topics in Applied Statistics
  • Two additional courses are required from the following list (6 credits):
    • STAT6041 Time Series
    • STAT6042 Generalized Linear Models and Survival Analysis
    • STAT6043 Applied Bayesian Analysis
    • STAT6044 Non-parametric Statistics
    • STAT6045 Statistical Computing with SAS and S-Plus
    • STAT7020 Topics in Applied Statistics
    • STAT7024  Linear Models and Multivariate Analysis II
  • At the end of their first year of study, students must pass the written Statistics Qualifying Examination based on Mathematical Statistics STAT6021-6022 and Applied Statistics STAT6031-6032

  • In their final semester, students must take and pass an oral exam (passing a PhD preliminary examination, passing the qualifying exam at the PhD level, or defending a Master's thesis can substitute for this requirement)

Please see the Graduate Handbook for more details concerning the requirements of the program. See the Course Descriptions for information on the content of required courses.

A student entering with the minimum requirements should expect to take two years to complete the program. Students entering the program with a stronger background in statistics may be able to complete the program in three or even two semesters.