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Kimberly Horn Conger

Title: Asst Professor - Educator
Office: 1208 Crosley Tower
Tel: 513-556-6458
Email: congerky@ucmail.uc.edu

Kimberly H. Conger is an Assistant Professor, educator, and received her PhD from Ohio State University.  At UC, she teaches American politics and public administration. Her research focuses on the way religious advocacy makes an impact on American political parties and interest groups in state and local politics.  Her current projects examine the influence of the Christian Right and Religious Left in lobbying and political advocacy, and investigate the role of religious activism in reducing political inequalities in the U.S.  Professor Conger is a past president of the Religion and Politics section of the American Political Science Association and has published research in many scholarly outlets such as Perspectives on Politics, and Political Research Quarterly


  • PhD, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 2003 (Political Science).
  • BA, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL, 1996 (Political Science & Economics).


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Paul A. Djupe, Jacob Neiheisel, and Kimberly H. Conger (2018). (In Press). Religious Nones and the Christian Right in the American States.. Political Research Quarterly.
  • Kimberly H. Conger and Paul A. Djupe (2016). Culture War Counter-mobilization: Gay Rights and Religious Right Groups in the States. Interest Groups and Advocacy, 5 (3), 278-300.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2014). Same Battle, Different War: Religious Movements in American State Politics. Politics & Religion, 7:, 395-417.
  • Paul A. Djupe and Kimberly H. Conger (2012). The Population Ecology of Grassroots Democracy: Christian Right Interest Populations and Citizen Participation in the States. Political Research Quarterly, 65:, 927-940.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2010). Party Platforms and Party Coalitions: The Christian Right and State Level Republicans. Party Politics, 16:, 651-668.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2010). A Matter of Context: Christian Right Influence in State Republican Politics. State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 10:, 248-269.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2010). Evangelicals, Issues, and the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. Politics & Religion, 3:, 130-149.
  • Kimberly H. Conger and Bryan T. McGraw (2008). Religious Conservatives and the Requirements of Citizenship: Political Autonomy. Perspectives on Politics, 6:, 253-266.
  • Kathleen M. McGraw, Edward Hasecke, and Kimberly Conger (2003). Ambivalence, Uncertainty, and Processes of Candidate Evaluation. Political Psychology, 24:, 421-448.

Published Books

  • Kimberly H. Conger (2009). The Christian Right in Republican State Politics. New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan.

Book Chapters

  • Kimberly H. Conger (2018). (In Press). The Christian Right in the United States. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics Oxford University Press.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2018). Rethinking the State-Level Strategy: The Christian Right in the States. The Evangelical Crack-up? (pp.94-108). Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.
  • Paul A. Djupe, Kimberly H. Conger, and Abigail Zofchak (2017). Ohio: Christian Right in Kasich Country?. God at the Grassroots 2016 (pp.33-48). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2014). Religious Actors in State Political Institutions. Mediating Religion: Political Institutions and the Policy Process (pp.187-208). New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2011). Religious Interest Groups in the American Political Process. Religion and American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives (pp.192-201). White Plains, NY: Pearson Longman.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2009). Moral Values Issues and Political Parties: Cycles of Conflict and Accommodation. The Christian Conservative Movement and American Democracy: Evangelicals, The Religious Right, and American Politics (pp.280-304). New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation.
  • Kimberly H. Conger and Donald P. Racheter (2006). Iowa: In the Heart of Bush Country. The Values Campaign? The Christian Right in the 2004 Election (pp.128-142). Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press.
  • John C. Green, Kimberly H. Conger, and James L. Guth (2006). Agents of Value: Christian Right Activists in 2004. The Values Campaign? The Christian Right in the 2004 Election (pp.22-55)..

Other Publications

  • Kimberly H. Conger (2018). The Role of Money and Special Interests in Politics. Reforming Political Discourse Sioux Center, IA: The Colossians Forum.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2017). Protecting Minority Voting Rights. Public Justice Review Washington, DC: The Center for Public Justice.
  • Kimberly H. Conger (2003). Evangelicals: Outside the Beltway. Religion in the 2004 Election: A Special Supplement to Religion in the News, 6 (3), 7,17.
  • Kimberly H. Conger and John C. Green (2002). Spreading Out and Digging In: Christian Conservatives and State Republican Parties. Campaigns and Elections, 23 (1), 58-60, 64-65.

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