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Brian Robert Calfano

Title: Asst Professor
Office: 1201 Crosley Tower
Tel: 513-556-3348
Email: calfanbn@ucmail.uc.edu

Brian Robert Calfano (Ph.D., University of North Texas) has a joint appointment in the Departments of Political Science and Journalism at UC, and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in experimental design, research methods, political reporting, and politics and media. He conducts research on marginalized groups, political information use, religion and politics, and journalistic coverage of political events. 

Brian is the author or co-author of (among other monographs) God Talk: Experimenting with the Religious Causes of Public Opinion (Temple University Press, 2013) and A Matter of Discretion: The Political Behavior of Catholic Priests in the U.S. and Ireland (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017), and America's Human Relations Commissions (Columbia University Press, 2019). He has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles in numerous academic journals including Political Research Quarterly, Political Communication, Political Behavior, Social Science Quarterly, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, and PS: Political Science and Politics, and has over 60 total academic publications (when including book chapters in numerous edited volumes). Brian is a member of the American Political Science Association and co-coordinator of the Religion and Politics section mentoring program.

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Brian's experience in applied politics includes serving as policy advisor for the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission. He works with the Cincinnati Black United Front on its community relations surveys and outreach, and has performed similar research work for the City of Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission.

Brian is also a political reporter and producer for Nexstar Media Group, and appears regularly on CTV News Channel, Global News Toronto, and Sky News. He has been awarded by the Broadcast Educator Association and the Missouri Broadcasters Association. He is represented by CBK Media Management and is a member of the Radio Television Digital News Association.  

More information about his academic and media work is available at www.briancalfano.com.



  • Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2007 (Political Science ).

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Brian Calfano , Human Relations in the City of Pittsburgh, PA, Department of Housing and Urban Development. (2017 Professional Service Agreement), $25,000.00. 2017 to 2018.
  • (Co-PI), Brian Calfano and Nancy Jennings, The Common Ground Project, Scripps Howard Foundation. (Common Ground), $10,000.00. 2017 to 2018.
  • (Co-PI), Brian Calfano, Nazita Lajevardi, Melissa Michelson, Kayal Fund for Arab American Research . $1,200.00. 2017 to 2019.
  • (Co-PI), Melissa Michelson, Nazita Lajevardi, and Brian Calfano, Workshop: Researching Muslim America and Muslim Americans, National Science Foundation. $49,623.00. 2016 to 2018.
  • (Co-PI), Brian Calfano and Valerie Martinez-Ebers, RAPID: Human Relations in Los Angeles , National Science Foundation. $24,939.00. 2015 to 2017.
  • (PI), Brian Calfano, Community perceptions , Cincinnati Black United Front. $10,000.00. 2017 to 2018.


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Brian Calfano and Elizabeth Oldmixon (2018). (In Press). “The Influence of Institutional Salience on Political Attitudes and Activism among Catholic Priests in the United States.” . Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion .
  • Brian Calfano (2018). “Phoning It In: Overcoming Implementation Challenges in Field Experiment Partnerships.” . PS: Political Science and Politics , 51, 410.
  • Brian Calfano, Nazita Lajevardi, and Melissa Michelson (2017). (In Press). “Trumped Up Challenges: Limitations, Opportunities, and the Future of Political Research on Muslim Americans.”. Politics, Groups, and Identities .
  • Lori Cox Han and Brian Calfano (2017). “Conflict and Candidate Selection: Game Framing Voter Choice.” . American Politics Research, 46, 169.
  • Brian Calfano (2016). “Power Lines? Unobtrusive Assessment of Email Subject Line Effects on Message Open Rates.”. Journal of Political Marketing.
  • Brian Calfano and Aaron Kruse (2016). “Beyond Surveillance: The Effect of Issue Ad Vividness on Assessing Information Reliability.” . American Politics Research , 44, 1098.
  • Paul Djupe, Ryan Burge, and Brian Calfano (2016). “The Delegational Pulpit? Clergy Identifying as Congregational Political Representatives.” . Representation, 52, 43.
  • Brett Garland, Brian Calfano, and Eric Wodahl (2016). (In Press). “College Student Perceptions of Notification about Sex Offenders on Campus.” . Criminal Justice Policy Review.
  • Brian Calfano and Elizabeth Oldmixon (2016). “Remember to Ask the Boss: Priming and the Political Dynamics of Priest Reliance on Bishop Cues.” . Religions , 7, 1.
  • Elizabeth Suhay, Brian Calfano, and Ryan Dawe (2016). “Social Norms, Dual Identities, and National Attachment: How the Perceived Patriotism of Group Members Influences Muslim Americans.” . Politics, Groups, and Identities , 4, 63.
  • Brian Calfano (2016). “I’” Does Not Mean Infallible: Pushing Back against IRB Overreach.” . PS: Political Science and Politics , 49, 304.
  • Brian Calfano, Paul Djupe, Robert Jones, and Dan Cox (2016). “Muslim Mistrust: The Resilience of Negative Public Attitudes after Complimentary Information.” . Journal of Media and Religion, 15, 29.
  • David Romano, Brian Calfano, and Robert Phelps (2015). “Successful and Less Successful Interventions: Stabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan.” . International Studies Perspectives , 16, 388.
  • Brian Calfano and Elizabeth Oldmixon (2015). “Primed Parsons: Reference Groups and Clergy Political Attitudes.” . Journal of Religion and Society , 17, 1.
  • Brian Calfano, Elizabeth Oldmixon, Jane Suiter (2014). “Who and What Affects the First Estate? An Analysis of Clergy Attitudes on Cultural and Economic Issues.” . Politics , 34, 391.
  • Elizabeth Oldmixon, Jane Suiter, and Brian Calfano (2014). “Assessing Clergy Attitudes: Ideology and Institutional Superiors.” . Journal of Church and State , 56, 670.
  • Donald Green, Brian Calfano, and Peter Aronow (2014). “Field Experimental Designs for the Study of Media Effects.” . Political Communication , 31, 168.
  • Brian Calfano, Elizabeth Oldmixon, and Mark Gray (2013). “Strategically Prophetic Priests: An Analysis of Competing Principal Influence on Clergy Political Action.” . Review of Religious Research, 56, 1.
  • Brian Calfano, Paul Djupe, and Amanda Freisen (2013). “Mitigating Mormonism: Overcoming Religious Identity Challenges with Targeted Appeals.” . PS: Political Science and Politics , July, 562.
  • Paul Djupe and Brian Calfano (2013). “Religious Value Priming, Threat, and Political Tolerance.” . Political Research Quarterly , 66, 768.
  • Paul Djupe and Brian Calfano (2012). “Divine Intervention? Contextual Effects of Religious Values on Interventionist Attitudes.” . Political Behavior , 35, 643.
  • Brian Calfano, Paul Djupe, and Angelia Wilson (2013). “God Save This ‘Broken’ Land: The Efficacy of Closed-Circuit Voter Targeting in a U.K. Election.” . Politics and Religion (6), 50.
  • Paul Djupe and Brian Calfano (2012). “American Muslim Investment in Civil Society: Political Discussion, Disagreement, and Tolerance.” . Political Research Quarterly , 65, 516.
  • Paul Djupe and Brian Calfano (2012). "The Deliberative Pulpit? The Democratic Norms and Practices of PCUSA Clergy.” . Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion , 51, 90.
  • Brian Calfano and Paul Djupe (2011). “Not in His Image: The Moderating Effect of Gender on Religious Appeals.” . Politics and Religion , 4, 338.
  • Brian Calfano (2010). “A Decision Theory of Clergy Political Behavior.” . Social Science Journal , 47, 836.
  • Brian Calfano (2010). “Prophetic at Any Price? Clergy Political Behavior and Utility Maximization.” . Social Science Quarterly , 91, 649.
  • Brian Calfano (2010). “The Power of Political Brand: Beyond Interest Group Influence on Religiously-Salient Issues in State Politics.” . State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 10, 227.
  • Brian Calfano and Jake Neiheisel (2010). “Forums for Controversy: Understanding Clergy-Led Deliberation among the Faithful.” . Journal of Church and State , 51, 569.
  • Brian Calfano and Philip Paolino (2010). “An Alan Keyes Effect? Examining Anti-Black Sentiment among White Evangelicals.” . Political Behavior , 32, 133.
  • Brian Calfano (2009). “Assessing Context and Ideology on the Behavior of Denominational Bureaucrats.” . Review of Religious Research , 51, 166.
  • Paul Djupe and Brian Calfano “Justification Not By Faith Alone: Clergy Generating Trust and Certainty by Revealing Thought.” . Politics and Religion , 2, 1.
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  • Todd Spinks, Emile Sahliyeh, and Brian Calfano (2008). “The Status of Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East: Does Regime Type Make a Difference?” . Democratization, 15, 321.
  • Brian Calfano (2008). “Christianity and the Common Good: Generating Benevolence and Pursuing the Decent Equilibrium in International Fieldwork.” . Journal of Church and State , 50, 101.
  • Brian Calfano and Emile Sahliyeh (2008). “Transmitting Reform: Assessing New Media Influence on Political Rights in the Middle East.”. Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies , 17, 63.
  • Elizabeth Oldmixon and Brian Calfano (2007). “The Religious Dynamics of Decision-Making on Gay Rights Issues in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1993-2002.” . Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion , 46, 55.
  • Brian Calfano (2006). “Bringing the Faithful Back In: The Polarizing Influence of Catholics and White Evangelicals on State Abortion Politics.” . American Review of Politics , 27, 129.
  • Brian Calfano (2006). “Of Denominations and Districts: Examining the Influence of ‘Pro-Life’ Christian Communities in State Abortion Politics.” . Journal of Church and State , 48, 83.

Published Books

  • Paul Djupe and Brian Calfano (2013). God Talk: Experimenting with the Religious Causes of Public Opinion . Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.
  • Brian Calfano (editor) (2014). Assessing MENA Political Reform: Mediators and Microfoundations . Lanham, MD: Lexington/Rowman and Littlefield .
  • Brian Calfano, Melissa Michelson, and Elizabeth Oldmixon (2017). A Matter of Discretion: ThePolitics of Catholic Priests in the US and Ireland. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield .
  • Brian Calfano (2018). Muslims, Identity, and American Politics. New York, NY: Routledge .
  • Brian Calfano and Nazita Lajevardi (editors) (2019). (In Press). Understanding Muslim Political Life in America: (Contested) Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press .

Presentations & Lectures


  • (07-2018). Minority Matters: Contact and Threat Surrounding US Muslims' Position in American Life. ICPSR, University of Michigan .
  • (04-2016). Social Media as the Big Data Portal: Options for Design and Analysis. Alexander Workshop, Texas Christian University .
  • (09-2014). The Future of Religion and Political Mobilization. Bob Graham Center, University of Florida.
  • (04-2014). Acting on Faith: Political Identity Performance among American Religious Minorities. Rooney Center, University of Notre Dame.
  • (03-2014). Making Ourselves Helpful and Welcome: Efficient, Informative, and Unobtrusive Data Collection for City Government. Federal CASIC, Washington, DC.

Experience & Service

Events Organized

  • Workshop. Methodological Pluralism in Political Science: Exploring and Extending Bayesian and Critical Methods (05-03-2018 to 05-04-2018) , University of Cincinnati.