International Affairs

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Administered by the Department of Political Science, International Affairs is an interdisciplinary major that combines courses in political science, history, economics, geography and foreign languages. The curriculum is designed to allow students to acquire a variety of analytical tools with which to examine an ever-expanding array of complex international issues and problems. The distinguishing feature of the major is its multidisciplinary approach, one that fosters a superior understanding of the transnational and global context that increasingly shapes many facets of human interaction in the 21st Century.

As an interdisciplinary major, International Affairs reflects the core values of a liberal arts education not only by imparting substantive knowledge about a globalizing world but also by helping students to develop their abilities to think cogently, write clearly, and speak persuasively.

The flexible structure of the International Affairs major allows students to complete double majors, minors, and certificate programs in related fields without lengthening their time to degree, including many foreign languages and area studies programs such as Asian Studies, European Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. The Department of Political Science itself offers certificate programs in Security Studies and International Human Rights, with requirements that are easily integrated with the International Affairs curriculum.

International Affairs provides numerous opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom, including study abroad, internships, and participation in extracurricular activities such as our award-winning Model UN team and distinctive Model APEC simulation.

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