Program Comparisons






When Considering Programs



Meet with Academic Director to discuss A&S and program requirements

Confirm that alternative major/minor/certificate combinations are not more appropriate for academic and career goals

Meet with program advisors to confirm responsibilities and to discuss possible capstone with one discipline


Meet with Program Director to discuss BIS requirements and to plan for proposal


To Apply for Admission



Provide relevant proposal for admission

(To Academic Director)

(To Program Director )

Apply for three minors or certificates, at least two of which need to be in A&S


Identify two mentors

at outset of program for advice throughout program and with capstone project


Develop a plan of study that fulfills college core requirements and includes an individualized program of at least 36 credit hours that demonstrates breadth and progression. 24 credit hours must be 3000-level or higher


(Submit for approval in advance of admission to program)

In the Term Preceding Final Term



Seek approval to take a capstone within a minor or certificate area

✔(first option if capstone is available and if prerequisites have been met)


Seek approval to take the Interdisciplinary capstone under the guidance of the Program Director and with advice and guidance of faculty mentor(s)


✔(optional with proposal required in term preceding capstone)

✔(required; proposal to be confirmed in term preceding capstone)

Submit a final student reflection

✔(for INTR5001)




Respond to final student evaluation and program survey