Capstone Course

The INTR5001 Capstone course is a culmination of your program experiences. The capstone projects can include textual, multi-modal, and experiential projects. The capstone will:

  • Reflect the following baccalaureate competencies:  Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Knowledge Integration, and Information Literacy; 
  • Address an advanced topic within one or more disciplinary areas;
  • Represent skills and knowledge appropriate to completion of the interdisciplinary degree program;
  • Represent the ability to move forward to succeed in the next stages of a career or post-graduate work after graduation; 
  • Reflect interdisciplinary influences and orient the audience to the relevance of the project within the disciplinary contexts.

The Program Director will oversee the capstone.  In order to be provided specific disciplinary guidance, LART students who opt to take the INTR5001 capstone will work with the guidance of a chosen faculty mentor.  BIS students will continue to work with their two previously chosen faculty mentors.