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The Film & Media Studies Program offers a Bachelor’s Degreea Minor, a Certificate, and a Graduate Certificate.

BA in Film & Media Studies Curriculum

The 36-credit BA program in Film & Media Studies is built to train students to comprehend, analyze, and participate in local and global film and screen media cultures and industries.  Majors will explore important issues, theories, movements, and histories of media throughout the globe. The major centers around three core groupings: Introductory, Advanced, and Experiential.  All majors ae encouraged to undertake at least one internship.

Introductory Core (9 cr.) Students should take each of the following three courses. It is recommended to take 1051 first, but 1052 and 1053 can be done out of sequence.

FILM 1051 Intro Film & Media

FILM 1052 Film & Media History

FILM 1053 Global Film & Media

Advanced Core (12 cr.) Take each of the following courses. Other 4000-level courses can replace the Capstone with prior arrangement.

FILM 2001 Exploring Media

FILM 3001 Film Genres & Movements

FILM 3002 Film Theory

FILM 5001 Seminar in Film & Media Studies (Capstone)

Experiential Core (6 cr.) Take two of the following courses.

FILM 2081 Making Media

FILM 2091 Cinema Study: Europe

FILM 2095 Film & Media Internship

Major Electives (9 cr.) Take three of the following courses. FILM 3001 may be repeated from the Advanced Core requirement when the topic is different.

FILM 1055 TV Genres

FILM 2005 Topics in Film Studies

FILM 2008 Game Studies

FILM 2015 Intro Screenwriting

FILM 2053 Nazi(s in) Cinema

FILM 2060 Sex and Race at the Movies

FILM 3001 Film Genres & Movements

FILM 3009 Topics: Film & History

FILM 4035 Euro Travel Film