Awards & Prizes

The History Department offers a number of prizes and scholarships every year to accomplished undergraduates. For more information on the any of the awards below, contact the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies.

George B. Engberg Prize

The George B. Engerg Prize is awarded each year for the best undergraduate papers in the senior research seminars on any topic, Non-U.S. history. The award honors Professor George B. Engberg, who taught at the University of Cincinnati for more than 30 years until he retired in 1983.

Lenore F. McGrane Prize

Lenore Foote McGrane was the wife of long-time professor and history department head, Reginald McGrane. In his will, Reginald McGrane established a scholarship fund whose income would be given each year to the most promising student of American history. This award is both a mark of distinction for its winner, and a sign of the affection and commitment of Lenore and Reginald McGrane to this department, a relationship which began with Reginald McGrane's enrollment as an undergraduate at UC in 1904.

Emma Louis Parry Prize

The Emma Louise Parry prize is the most venerable prize awarded by the history department. It was established by alumnae of the former Mount Auburn Institute and the H. Thane Miller School to honor the memory of an outstanding teacher of history. It is given to the student who has shown outstanding ability in his or her field of specialization in history.

George Newberger Prize

The George Newberger prize is awarded each academic year to the best papers produced in HIST 5000 seminars that deal with U.S. history.

Hilda L. Smith Prize

The Hilda L. Smith Prize is awarded to the best undergraduate paper in any field or period related to questions of women's history. Hilda Smith retired from the History Department in 2012 after a long and accomplished career of research and teaching.

Additional Scholarships

Qualified undergraduates in history may also apply for the Taft Undergraduate Enrichment Award as well as other forms of assistance through the Taft Research Center. History students have also received funding from sources such as UC International (study-abroad grants) and women's studies. For more information on funding opportunities in history at UC, visit the University Research Council and College of Arts and Sciences Financial Aid and Scholarships web page.