Cross College Major

We offer the possibility for students to add a History major to their BS Ed. For this option, students need to meet the History major requirements (a total of 36 credit hours), but not all of the College of Arts & Sciences degree requirements. In sum, the Cross-College Major requires taking one additional History elective at the 3000 level or above and 6 credit hours of History 5000; transition students need only take 3 credit hours of History 5000.

In the case of Secondary Ed students with a concentration in History, who are already scheduled to take 27 credit hours of History, a Cross-College Major would add 9 credit hours. Likewise, students in DAAP, CCM, Engineering, Nursing, and Business may also elect to complete a Cross-College Major. Each college requires varying History credit hours to fulfill its respective undergraduate degree program, and we will be glad to assist you to determine the specifics of your Cross-College degree requirements.