4+1 Master's Degree In History (BA & MA)

We offer an accelerated combined track for students who wish to earn both a BA and MA in history. To apply to this program, students must be declared History majors. They must have at least a 3.5 GPA in history courses and a 3.3 GPA overall at the end of their junior year, when they must declare their interest in entering the 5-year BA + MA Program in writing to the Director of Graduate Studies. In addition to fulfilling all of the requirements of the undergraduate major, interested students must take two 6000-level History seminars in their junior or senior year.

Applicants will follow the usual application procedures in the fall of their senior year. The Graduate Admissions Committee will consider 5-year BA + MA Program applications along with all other applicants for admission and Graduate Assistantships. Those who receive and accept GAship offers cannot complete the MA in one year. Those who do not receive or accept a GA offer can complete the MA degree taking an accelerated approach. Following is a sample 1-year MA Program:


  • HIST 7060 Historical Methodology Seminar
  • HIST 9040 Graduate Research Seminar I
  • Graduate Seminar in Major Field


  • HIST 7080 Comparative History Seminar
  • HIST 9041 Graduate Research Seminar II
  • Graduate Seminar in Major Field