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great! - group2group exchange for academic talents

The Graduate Academy of the Dresden Technical University supports international networks with great!

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Lars Koch (TU Dresden) and Prof. Dr. Tanja Nusser (University of Cincinnati) an international network of young academics of the TU Dresden and the University of Cincinatti USA comes into being. It starts May 2015, thanks to a grant given by the Graduate Academy of the TU as part of the program "group2group exchange for academic talents". Participating groups are the Department of German Studies in Cincinnati, the professorship of media studies and modern German literature, as well as the ERC-Starting Grant „The principle of Disruption“ of the TU Dresden.

The network intends to work on the subject of ‘textuality and imagery of social sciences’, whereby participating academics of the German University are initially planned to spend a period of residence at the University in Cincinnati in November 2015. Subsequently, a collaborative international workshop with all groups involved will take place in Dresden in 2016.

We are delighted to have this opportunity and thank the Graduate Academy of Dresden for their generous support.

Members of the research network:

TU Dresden:
Prof. Dr. Lars Koch
Elisabeth Heyne  
Moritz Mutter 
Christina Rogers    

University of Cincinnati: 
Prof. Dr. Tanja Nusser
Michelle Dietz
Katie Paul