Cinema Study Tour: London and Prague

May 4-18, 2017

This 14-day trip to London and Prague offers a unique opportunity to experience two of the world's greatest cities through their rich cinematic histories. Likewise these cities are a great window into the history of cinema.  We will watch and discuss films set in London and Prague from the silent era to the present so that we arrive well prepared to:

  • explore the locations used in the films
  • experience the topics and history shown in the films
  • visit museums, archives, and studios
  • attend film screenings and theatrical performances
  • participate in workshops by filmmakers

Tour the best known sites and lesser known corners of Prague and London with Profs. Herzog and Gott: walk the romantic streets of Notting Hill, follow in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, uncover artifacts of the World War II Blitz, and experience the spectacularly vibrant cities of today. Have lunch in the pub where Alec Guinness hung out before he became Obi-Wan Kenobi, then climb the Uxbridge Road from the classic Monty Python sketch. Ride a double-decker bus through Hitchcock's London. Recreate the Beatles' run through Marylebone Station and walk barefoot across Abbey Road. Count the CCTV cameras as you reenact Jason Bourne's Waterloo Station escape. Try to push your cart through Kings Cross Track 9¾. In Prague, wander the fairy-tale cobblestone streets of Europe’s best preserved Old Town, cross a 15th century bridge, trek through gothic castles, see Franz Kafka’s birthplace, and visit filming locations from Hollywood blockbusters (Casino Royale, Mission Impossible, The Illusionist) to European art classics. You will also visit one of Europe’s most famous studio complexes, see the sights of Communist-era history and the locations were Czech resistants hid from Nazis during WWII (a story that is now the topic of two recent major films), explore atmospheric and artistic neighborhoods buzzing with creative energy, and take an excursion into the Czech Republic’s beautiful countryside.

Students will collaborate on multimedia projects to understand the complex and changing relationship between the "real" London and Prague and their media representations past and present.

Program Cost:

$1995. Includes:

  • lodging in central London and Prague, 
  • transportation from London to Prague, 
  • all tours

All students receive a $600 scholarship from UC International (cost of program already reflects scholarship). Students pay own airfare, meals, and other expenses.

Apply online


Contact Professor Todd Herzog or Professor Michael Gott.

Course Details:

 FILM 2091 (3 cr., BoK: FA, HP) can be taken for credit in Spring 17 or Summer 17. Trip takes place May 4-18, 2017. Planning meetings will take place in Spring.

Instructors: Professor Todd HerzogProfessor Michael Gott.

Space is limited.

Priority application deadline is November 30.