Berlin Program

Photo of buildings and architecture in Berlin

*Photographs of Berlin by Julie Stoermer

GRMN 2062

Cost: $1,500

This includes all transportation to, from and in Berlin, accommodations, breakfast/dinner, guided tours and museum admissions. Because of group rates, we are able to offer this 9-day trip to Berlin at a great discount over the costs of traveling on your own. Plus you get the added benefits of expert guides and course credit.

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About Berlin

Berlin is a city of contrasts. It has served as the capital of Imperial Germany, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, the German Democratic Republic, and now the reunified Federal Republic of Germany. During the Cold War, the wall that ran through the middle of the city was the most powerful symbol of the division between East and West. On the night of November 9, 1989, the dismantling of that same wall became the symbol of the end of one era and the beginning of another. Today, Berlin is the capital of a reunified Germany and is undergoing a massive rebuilding campaign that places it firmly at the center of a new Europe at the beginning of the 21st century.

Berlin is a bustling 21st century metropolis and a city of small neighborhoods with winding cobblestone streets. We will stay in a charming hostel that was once a 19th century factory in one of the most interesting, vibrant, diverse, and centrally-located neighborhoods in Berlin, steps from where the Wall once stood that divided the city in two.

Berlin's diverse culture offers something for everyone, from opera to techno, from classical theater to avant-garde cabaret, from world-class museums to small art galleries, from 18th century palaces to modern shopping arcades.

The study tour is completely hands-on and interactive. All sessions take place on location—never in a classroom!


The study tour is led by Professor Tanja Nusser of the Department of German Studies, and a native of Berlin. While in Berlin, you will receive personally guided tours covering such topics as: Berlin's Historic Center, Jewish Berlin, the Wall, the New Government District and Berlin's Nazi Past. We will visit some of Berlin's many world-class museums. Ample free time will be given to allow participants to explore Berlin on their own. Optional evening programs will include visits to cabaret, opera and theater, as well as explorations of Berlin's legendary nightlife.

Course Credit - Taught in English

Undergraduate students receive 3-6 credits for the study tour and completion of an independent project during the fall semester following the tour. Students register and receive credit for German 2062, Survey of German Culture. Because it occurs in Spring semester, there are no summer tuition fees for the program. This course also counts toward the German major and minor and fulfills the Gen Ed and A&S distribution requirements.


Significant financial aid is available from the Department of German StudiesUC/International, and the Taft Foundation. Funding is competitive, but it is possible to have the entire trip funded. Nearly every student in the past has had the program at least partially funded through these sources.

Years Past

Check out students' "Sights of and Insights into Berlin" from past trips.


Applications are processed on a rolling basis until the deadline of January 2014. Submit it to: Professor Tanja Nusser, Department of German Studies.


For further information, please email the tour director, Tanja Nusser.

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