Spring Semester, 2022

Fridays, 12:20-1:15 PM, Online via Zoom. Please contact the colloquium coordinator for the link.

Coordinator: Reza Soltanian,

Schedule of Presentations



Presentation Topic(s)

Jan. 21

Dr. Daniel Sturmer, UC Geosciences

Tectonic Evolution of Nevada: An old story and a new one

Feb. 4

Graduate Student Presentations
Megan Corcoran, Hydrogen isotope fractination in modern plant wax n-alkanes from the Falkland Islands
Zeke King Phillips, Calibrating Snail Shell Organic Matrix Nitrogen Stable Isotope as a Proxy for the Terrestrial Isotopic Baseline
Emily Simpson, Making sure its worth it: a non-destructive assessment of preservation before destructive analyses

Feb. 18

Dr. Andy Czaja, UC Geosciences

Perseverance's 1st Year Anniversary

Mar. 4

Graduate Student Presentations

Catherine Nield, Oxygen isotope values of fossil land snails from Fairbanks, Alaska
Tyler McGarr, PFAS: An emerging contaminant of critical concern
Clark Ward, A multi-isotope reconstruction of resource partitioning among large ungulates from Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park, Nebraska

Mar. 11

Gradaute Student Presentations

Andrew Michel, Age and origin of metaigneous rocks in southwest CT: An approach using bedrock mapping and geochronology
Jonas Zajonz, Tooth morphology and tooth wear of Rapetosaurus krausel
Sam Little, A detailed view of the Richmondian invasion (Late Ordovician, Cincinnatian): Facies partitioning of incumbents and invaders

Mar. 25

Dr. Annette Rowe, UC Biology


Eating Rocks! Microbes that transfer electrons from minerals, electrodes, and other microbes

Apr. 1

Graduate Student Presentations


Madison Gaetano, Evaluating antler consumption by Arctic animals
Watts Dietrich, Investigating the impact of diagenesis on a diatom biomarker
Desiree Baker, Geochemical analysis of localized oxidizing conditions in the Paleoarchean Moodies Group
Thomas Uhl, Petrology of a well-preserved ultramafic dike from the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District

Apr. 15

UC Center for Public Engagement with Science (PEWS) virtual sustainability event

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Apr. 22

Mr. Ron Broadhead, New Mexico Tech

The offshore Mancos play in the San Juan Basin: Productive carrier beds within the Mancos petroleum system