Geology of Cincinnati

Professor J Barry Maynard
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Course number: 15-GEOL-362

Welcome to the website for my course on Cincinnati geology. This website is a gateway to other pages and sites that provide abundant detail on the fascinating diversity of geology of the Tri-state area, including much information on geologic hazards. The section entitled "Papers" has some longer, more formal presentations on local geology. "Data" has some useful databases. "Illustrations" is a photo collection of important features. Each index page has a group of thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnail to bring up the full-scale image. Finally there is a collection of links to other sites that contain useful information about geology, architecture, and hazards.

Landslide and Flood Data

Roebling Bridge 1937

Roebling Bridge 1937
(Courtesy: Library of Greater Cincinnati of Hamilton County)

Cincinnati flood data from USGS

Cincinnati landslide data

Cincinnati Landslides: 1974-1993

Cincinnati Landslides: 1974-1993
Total Cost to City: Property 59.6 miilion $
Mt Adams slide (1982) 44.5 million $
Yearly cost = 2.9 million $
(All in 2005 dollars)

Cincinnati vs California Landslides: 1973-1978 Per Capita Cost to City

  • Hamilton County - 5.80 $
  • San Francisco - 1.30 $
  • Los Angeles (private property) - 1.60 $
  • Los Angeles (public & private) - 3.50 $