The Department of Geology is located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Geology Physics building on UC’s west campus. Cincinnati is famous for magnificent Ordovician strata that is exposed throughout the tri-state area, which serves as a fantastic outdoor laboratory for our faculty and students. In terms of traditional laboratory facilities, our department houses the following:

Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Luminescence Dating Laboratory

Quaternary Core Laboratory

Thermochronology Laboratory

Cosmogenic Dating Preparation Laboratory

Organic Geochemistry Laboratory

Quaternary Paleoecology Laboratory

X-Ray Diffraction and Flourescence Laboratory

Landscape Modeling Laboratory

Precambrian Paleobiology Labratory

Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Additional facilities

Geology is considered an interdisciplinary field and our faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students collaborate with faculty and utilize research facilities in related departments such as Biology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Physics, and Chemistry. Our department also has a great relationship with facilities outside of the University, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science, the Geier Center, and the Hamilton County Park District.