Prizes Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Robert B. McNee Award is given to the most outstanding geography graduate student. Under the donors' terms, this award, when possible is given to a student who is working in the late Professor McNee's areas of research - economic geography or gay/lesbian studies. In both cases, students are nominated by geography department faculty and the nominations screened by standing committees of the department.

UC Graduate School Financial Aid Information

Each year the Department of Geography awards a limited number of scholarships. Scholarships are awarded through assessing the suitability of the applicant to the program, his or her academic record, objectives within the proposed program of study, letters of recommendation, GRE scores and the TOEFL and TSE scores for a foreign applicant.

The University of Cincinnati offers three sources of graduate financial awards to full-time students:

  1. University Graduate Scholarship (UGS): covers tuition for the academic year.

  2. University Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GA): provides tuition remission (including the general fee for each semester) as well as a monthly stipend. Except for doctoral UGSs, GAs or UGSs normally are not awarded to students after their "expected" residence periods (non-thesis MA-1yr; thesis MA-2 yrs.; PhD-3 yrs.), and no assistantships or tuition scholarships (including doctoral UGSs) are awarded to students with more than 260 graduate credit hours.

  3. Graduate Minority Fellows and Scholars Program: an equal educational opportunity program for the educationally disadvantaged. The program is especially designed for those who would not typically be admitted to Graduate School at the University of Cincinnati on the basis of their undergraduate record.

Students receiving Graduate Assistantships or University Graduate Scholarships must carry a full-time course load (12 credits or more) each semester, exclusive of audit credits.

Applicants should be aware that other sources of financial aid are available for graduate students. Such agencies and organizations as the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Resources for the Future and others offer many graduate fellowships. Applicants should write directly to the agencies and organizations concerned. Inquiries that are concerned specifically with the Geography Graduate Programs should be addressed to:

The Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Geography University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210131
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0131 USA

Those seeking additional information about the Graduate Minority Fellows and Scholars Program should address their requests to:

Graduate Minority Fellows and Scholars
University Dean's Office
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210627
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627 USA
Phone: (513) 556-4337

UC graduate school financial information