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Christopher Carr

Title: Research Assistant Professor- Adjunct
Office: 401E Braunstein Hall
Tel: 513-556-3421


  • PhD, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2014 (Geography).
  • MA, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2007 (Geography).
  • M Eng, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1975 (Mechanical Engineering).
  • BS, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1974 (Mechanical Engineering).


Research areas: Lidar, Spatial analysis, Reconnaissance Survey, Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, ancient Maya, South West, Camping, Hiking, Rock climbing.
After retiring from a nearly 30 year career in Engineering at a multinational corporation I returned to school, receiving my PhD in 2014. My research is focused on human-environmental impacts, both ancient and modern. I study modern impacts within the field of Recreation Ecology—particularly impacts from camping, hiking and rock climbing in National Parks and Forests. In the area of ancient impacts, I use spatial analysis to examine Landscape Archaeology issues such as settlement pattern, agricultural potential and hydrology. I work primarily in the areas of the lowland Maya in Mexico and Central America, and in the American Southwest. For my full CV please follow the link:


Selected Publications

  • Ruhl, T., N. Dunning, C. Carr (2018), Lidar Reveals Possible Network of Ancient Maya Marketplaces in Southwestern Campeche, Mexico. Mexicon XL(3):83-91.
  • McCool, JP, S. Fladd, V. Scarborough, S. Plog, N. Dunning, L. Owen, A. Watson, K. Bishop, B. Crowley, E. Haussner, K. Tankersley, D. Lentz, C. Carr, J. Thress (2018) Soil analysis in discussions of agricultural feasibility for ancient civilizations: A critical review and reanalysis of the data and debate from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. PLoS ONE 13(6): e0198290.
  • Carr C., J. Brewer, N. Dunning, K. Reese-Taylor, A. Anaya (2017) Using Lidar to Locate and Classify Ancient Maya Water Storage Features at Yaxnohcah, Campeche, Mexico. Abstracts of the SAA 82th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC.
  • Reese-Taylor, K., A. Anaya, A. Flores, K. Monteleone, J. Fernández-Diaz, A. Uriarte, C. Carr, H. Geovannini, M. Peuramaki-Brown, N. Dunning (2016). Boots on the ground at Yaxnohcah: Ground-truthing lidar in a complex tropical landscape. Advances in Archaeological Practice, 4(3): 314-338
  • Brewer, J., C. Carr (2016) Employing airborne lidar and archaeological testing to determine the role of small depressions in water management at the ancient Maya site of Yaxnohcah, Campeche, Mexico. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.  V13:291-302.
  • Carr C., E. Weaver, N. Dunning, and V. Scarborough (2015). Bringing the University of Pennsylvania Maps of Tikal into the Era of Electronic GIS. In Lentz, Dunning, Scarborough (Eds.), Tikal and Maya Ecology: Water, Landscapes and Resilience Cambridge University Press.
  • Lentz, D., N. Dunning, V. Scarborough, K. Magee, K. Thompson, E. Weaver, C. Carr, R. Terry, G. Isebe, K. Tankersley, L. Grazioso Sierra, J. Jones, P. Buttles, F. Valdez, and C. Ramos Hernandez (2014). Forests, fields, and the edge of sustainability at the ancient Maya city of Tikal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111 (52), 18513.
  • Scarborough, V., N. Dunning, K. Tankersley, C. Carr, E. Weaver, L. Grazioso, B. Lane, J. Jones, P. Buttles, F. Valdez, and D. Lentz (2012). Water and Sustainable Land Use at the Ancient Tropical City of Tikal, Guatemala. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 109, 12408.

Awards and Honors

  • Robert Bruce McNee Award, Outstanding Graduate Achievement in Geography, 2006.
  • Outstanding poster presentation, Best in Social and Behavioral Science, Graduate Poster Forum 2011: “The effect of recreation on cliff vegetation, Potomac River Gorge, Great Falls Park, VA”., 2011.
  • US Patents 4,714,630 and D-291,657