Core Courses for All English Majors

The following is a list of the required courses for all English Major tracks.

► A minimum of 36 credit hours is required, with at least 15 hours in the 
    chosen track.
► Only courses listed on this checklist count toward the major. If you wish
    to substitute a course, before taking it you must submit a petition to the
    Director of Undergraduate Studies.
► English Composition (ENGL 1001) is prerequisite to any English Major 
► Although not required, it is highly recommended to complete the
    composition sequence (ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition or
    equivalent) prior to beginning English Major coursework.

Core Courses for All English Majors

  • ENGL 3000 Intro to English Studies
  • ENGL 3006 Intro to Shakespeare
  • ENGL 2007 or ENGL 2008 Survey: American Literature
  • ENGL 2134 or ENGL 2135 Survey: British Literature

One Global, Ethnic, and Minority Literature Course - Choose one of the following:

English Courses in Global, Ethnic, & Minority Literature

See advisor for approval of courses not on the list; then, fill out a petition to substitute a course form and submit to Undergraduate Director.

►ENGL2021 - World Literature I
►ENGL2022 - World Literature II
►ENGL2028 - Ethnic and Minority Literature
►ENGL2034 - Contemporary World Literature: Drama
►ENGL2037 - Contemporary World Literature: Poetry
►ENGL2045 - Lesbian and Gay Literature
►ENGL2054 - Women’s Literature
►ENGL2057 - Twentieth-Century Women Authors
►ENGL2059 - American Jewish Literature
►ENGL2080 - Ethnic Literatures of the United States
►ENGL2083 - African American Literature Survey I
►ENGL2084 -African American Literature Survey II
►ENGL3041 - Introduction to American Ethnic Literature
►ENGL3042 - Topics in American Ethnic Literature

►ENGL3044 - Interracialism
►ENGL3047 - Jews and Race
►ENGL3088 - American Women Writers to 1900
►ENGL3089 - American Women Writers after 1900
►ENGL3095 - Race, Ethnicity, and Film
►ENGL4004 - African American Literature: Major Authors
►ENGL4035 - Lesbian Literature and Psychology
►ENGL3027 - Introduction to Critical Race Theory
►ENGL3061 - Black Women Writers
►ENGL3066 - Caribbean Literature
►ENGL3067 - Anglophone/ Postcolonial Literature
►ENGL3068 - Transnational American Literature