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Robert Arner
Position Professor
Office Location McMicken Hall Room 351B
Phone (513) 556-3916
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School Degree
Pennsylvania State University Ph.D. English (1970)
Pennsylvania State University M.A. English (1966)
Kutztown State College B.S. Education (1964)

Positions and Work Experience

►1975 to Present, Professor, University of Cincinnati, .
►1980-1983, Head, Department of English, University of Cincinnati,.
►1978-1980, Assistant University Dean for Graduate Education and Research, University of Cincinnati, .
►1972-1975, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati,.
►1971-1972, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati,.
►1969-1971, Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University,.
►1968-1969, Instructor, Central Michigan University, .

Papers & Conferences

►"A View of the Whole: The Structure of Anne Bradstreet's Tenth Muse," Midwest  Modern Language Association, St. Louis, MO, Autumn 1972.
►"Ebenezer Cooke: The Satirist as Southerner," Northeast Modern Language Association, State College, PA, Spring, 1974.
►"Style and Meaning in Robert Beverley's History and Present State of Virginia," College of William and Mary Faculty Colloquium, Williamsburg, VA, Spring 1975.
►"The Death of Major André: Some Eighteenth-Century Views," Fordham University   Conference on the Bicentennial, New York City,  Autumn 1975.
►"The Legend of the Lost Colony in American Literature: Captain John Smith to Philip José Farmer," Kutztown State College Symposium on American Literature, Kutztown, PA, Spring 1976.
►"What Is Southern About Southern Literature?," University of Tennessee Colloquium       Honoring the Retirement of Richard Beale Davis: The Present State of Early  American Literary Studies, Knoxville, TN, Spring 1977.
►"Problems in the Study of Early American Humor: The Curse of George Bancroft," American Humor Association, MLA, Chicago, IL, December 1977.
►"Robert Bolling's ‘Neanthé’: The Missing Link in American Humor," American Popular        Culture Association, Pittsburgh, PA, Spring 1979.
►Respondent, "Personae in Early American Literature," MLA, San Francisco, CA, December 1979.
►"The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers: Plymouth Rock Revisited," Winterthur Conference on the Colonial Revival in America, Wilmington, DE, November 1981.
►"Poe the Poet: 'The Bells' and Other Ballads," Paper Presented at The Cincinnati May  Festival, James Conlon, Conducting, Spring 1982.
►"The Holy Orgy: Sex, Speech, and Society in Hair," American Popular Culture Association, Toronto, Ontario,  Spring 1984.
►"The Casual Art of James Thurber," South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA,  Autumn 1983.
|►"James Thurber and the Lost Generation: A Literary Relationship--of Sorts," American Popular Culture Association, Louisville, KY, Spring 1985.
►"Of Parody and Pigeons on the Grass: James Thurber and Gertrude Stein," World Humor International Meeting, Tempe, AZ, Spring 1987.
►"Thurber at the Movies: Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes and Other Film Thrillers in 'The Lady on 142,'" World Humor International Meeting, West Lafayette (Purdue University), IN,  Spring 1988.
►"The Fine Art of Parody: James Thurber's 'The Macbeth Murder Mystery,'" Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, East Lansing, MI, Spring 1988.
►"'Eat Not to Dulness, Drink Not to Elevation:' Benjamin Franklin on Drinking and Drunkards," International Conference on Reappraising Franklin, Philadelphia, PA, Spring 1990.
►"'On Censure or Backbiting:' Franklin's Moral Satire and Pennsylvania Politics," American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Charleston, SC, March 15, 1994.
►"The Politics of Knowledge in the Early Republic: The American Edition of Abraham Rees's New Cyclopaedia (1806-1820)," University of Delaware Seminar in American Art, History, and Material Culture, Newark DE, April 17, 1995.
►"Samuel Partridge and the Unpardonable Sin: The Sources and Significance of an Early American Short Story," American Literature Association, Baltimore, MD, May 25-28, 1995.
►"The Sources and Significance of Joseph Dumbleton's "The Paper Mill": Augustan American Poetics and the Print Culture of Colonial Virginia," South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA, 6 November 1998.
►“American Popular Music of the First World War,” Stan Hywet Symposium on Amercian Culture of the Early Twentieth Century, Stan Hywet Muesum, Akron, Ohio 25 March 2004.
►“Varieties of Visual Experience in the Early Republic and Antebellum America:  Wax Museums and Cabinets of Curiosity, 1790-1840.  Taft Visual Studies Group, University of Cincinnati, March 15, 2013.



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