Teacher Training Program

The Department of English Graduate Assistant Teacher-Training Program begins in August with an intensive two-and-a-half-day orientation to teaching English composition 1001 led by the composition program directors and the graduate student program assistant and mentors. 

Teacher support continues in a two-semester course sequence: in fall, English 7031: Practicum (2 credit hours); in spring, English 7030: Teaching College Writing (3 credit hours). English 7031 is closely linked to English 1001. As such, 7031 focuses on curricular issues, assignment design, classroom activities, assessment practices, and other matters specific to teaching English 1001 at UC. In addition, students are assigned faculty mentors who observe their classes in fall and are available for consultation throughout the year. English 7030 provides a rhetorical and historical framework for teaching writing while exploring competing theories of writing pedagogy and promoting the habit of reflective teaching.

All students are required to take English 7031 regardless of prior teaching experience, as this course emphasizes first-year composition at UC. Students who have taken a course similar to TCW within the past five years may apply for a waiver. To do so, send to the current director of composition the syllabus from your prior course and a representative writing sample.