Testing Procedure What to Expect

The main campus English Placement Test is faciliated via Blackboard and is not completed at a campus testing center. Blue Ash and Clermont Campus students are enrouraged to complete the test via Blackboard, but do have the option of completing the test at an on-campus testing center.

  • For more information about the Blue Ash Campus on-site testing, click here.
  • For more information about the Clermont College on-site testing click here.


The following are recommended steps to complete before completing the English Placement Test:

Test Procedure

In response to a Reading and Writing Assignment which will be found in the Blackboard course, you will be composing an essay in Microsoft Word on your own computer. The completed essay must Include your full name, student email address, and UCID (also referred to as your M #) at the top of your paper. There are three required sections and each should be labeled:

  • Summary:  Write a one paragraph summary of the passage. A summary describes the main points of a text, but uses fewer words. A summary does not contain your opinion.
  • Essay: Write a multi-paragraph essay responding to the arguments in the assigned passage; agree, disagree, or modify the author’s arguments. Use examples from the passage and your own experiences to develop and support your points, ideas, and/or opinions. You should spend most of your time on this portion of the English Placement essay.
  • Reflection: Reread your essay. Write a paragraph in which you explain what you did well in your essay and what you think are your weaknesses.

Your writing will be evaluated based on your ability to:

  • Understand the reading and present the main ideas in the summary.
  • Express your ideas clearly in the summary, in the essay, and in the reflection.
  • Support your ideas in the essay with specific examples and details.
  • Use Standard English.

    The completed essay will be uploaded to Blackboard as the final step of the testing procedure.