Policies & Scoring


  • Students may only complete the English Placement Essay once within a two-year period.
  • English placement assessment is not used to exempt students from the English Composition requirement.
  • Pre-college level courses (developmental courses) taken at another university do not fulfill the English placement requirement at UC.
  • Students will be denied access to entry-level composition courses at registration unless they have one of the following on their UC academic record:
    • appropriate ACT or SAT Writing scores  (see Introduction & Availability tab)
    • English placement scores from UC
    • passing grade on the pre-requisite course at UC
    • appropriate advanced standing credit
  • If students have taken the English placement assessment at any University of Cincinnati college, their scores are valid for any UC college.
  • Students are encouraged to take preparatory and English Composition courses in their own colleges.
  • Students may appeal their English Placement Test Score. Information on
       by completing the following procedural process in the following appeal


A faculty grader will score each English Placement Test completed within two weeks of the test being completed. Once scored, the student's test record will be updated in the student information system and the student will be notified of their score. The English Placement Test score is used solely for the purpose of composition course placement in the event an incoming undergraduate student does not meet the ACT (combined English/Writing) or the SAT (Writing) required score. The English Placement Test does not appear on the student's transcript nor does it merit any academic credit.

The following table identifies which course a student will take based upon the score earned on the English Placement Test. The scoring ranges from 5 (highest score) to 1 (lowest score). Please note that there is no score of "3" only 5, 4, 2, and 1.

Placement scores along with the corresponding course
English Placement Test Score Course Student Will Register For
5 ENGL 1001 (English Composition)
4 ENGL 1000 (Introduction to English Composition)
2 *ENGL 0097 (Introduction to Academic Literacies)
1 *ENGL 0096 (Academic Literacies Studio)

*ENGL 0097 and ENGL 0096 are only offered at the UC Blue Ash campus.