Appealing English Placement Decision

Appeal Procedure

Submission of an Appeal Packet only guarantees that the student's placement will be carefully re-evaluated. It does not guarantee that the student's English course placement will be changed.

Appeal Packets must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the beginning of the term during which the student wishes to begin the Composition sequence.

Those placing students have specific criteria by which they evaluate samples including focus, organization, development, and mechanics. Appeals that rely only on contextual factors (such as why a student didn’t do well on the first placement sample) are less persuasive than those that emphasize the strengths of the writing submitted.

Appeal Packet Requirements*

  • A completed cover sheet. Click here to populate the English Placement Appeal cover sheet.
  • A thorough, thoughtful, and persuasive letter explaining the reasons for requesting reconsideration. Remember, along with your other enclosures, this letter is evidence of your writing and thinking abilities.
  • Two or more pieces of expository writing (do not submit poetry or fiction), of at least 500 words each, written for a 12th grade English course, for a college course, or in an employment situation. If possible, submit the original, graded copy. The only piece of writing you should compose specifically for this appeal process is the letter requesting reconsideration.

    *Incomplete appeals packets will not be considered.

Appeal Packet Submission Address

Main Campus Students
Alan Bothe
ATTN: English Placement Appeal
PO BOX 210069
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Blue Ash College Students
Maria Damen
ATTN: English Placement Appeal
M112I Muntz Hall
Blue Ash College
9555 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Clermont Campus Students
Jo An Thompson
ATTN: English Placement Appeal
Clermont College
513 Snyder Hall
4200 Clermont College Drive
Batavia, OH 45103