English Composition Placement

Undergraduate students admitted to the university will be placed into the appropriate English composition course based on one of the following criteria:

English Composition Placement
ACT English, Writing, Combined English/Writing OR English Language Arts score SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score English Composition Placement
28 or higher 650 or higher Enroll in ENGL 1012
18-27 480-640 Enroll in ENGL 1001
17 or lower 470 or lower
Complete theĀ Guided Self-Placement survey
No Score No SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score Complete the Guided Self-Placement survey

Students with advanced standing for English 1001 (via transfer credit, AP English scores, or IB scores) do not need to take the Guided Self-Placement survey. Please consult with your academic advisor to confirm that credit fulfillment.

International students without an IELFTS or TOEFL score must take the ESL English Placement Test administered by the Center for English as a Second Language. Contact the Center for English as a Second Language Testing office for registration information at oept1@ucmail.uc.edu or 513-556-3519.

If you do not have an ACT/SAT English score, click here to begin the Guided Self-Placement survey.