English Placement Test

Overview, Registration, & Availability

The English Placement Test is a measure by which undergraduate students' language capabilities are scored. Among these important language capabilities are proper usage, appropriate style, and the ability to formulate a coherent, well-supported argument using language appropriate to academic and public discourse. It is the ultimate goal of the English Composition program to ensure all undergraduate students are placed in the appropriate course in which each student will be successful in developing these crucial composition and language capabilities.

Undergraduate students admitted to the university will be placed into the appropriate English composition course based on ACT/SAT Writing scores OR the English Placement Test according to the criteria below:

English Placement Test Criteria **
Highest ACT English, Writing, Combined English/Writing OR English Language Arts score SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score Old SAT Critical Reading score OR Writing score English Placement Test Required?
28 or higher 650 or higher 630 or higher No: Enroll in ENGL 1012
18-27 480-640 430-620 No: Enroll in ENGL 1001
17 or lower 470 or lower
420 or lower Yes: Complete the English Placement Test
None of the ACT scores listed above No SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score No old SAT Critical Reading score OR Writing score Yes: Complete the English Placement Test

*Students with transfer credit for English Composition or a score of 3 or higher on the AP English Language or Literature exam DO NOT take placement, regardless of ACT/SAT Writing Score.

**Attention International Students: If you are an international student without an IELTS or TOEFL score, do not take the ENPT.  Instead, please take the ESL English Placement test (ESL ENPT) administered by the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL). Contact Joy Xiao, Director, at  oept1@ucmail.uc.edu, 513-556-3590 or visit https://cech.uc.edu/centers/cesl/placement.html for registration information.


UC Blue Ash Students:

UC Clermont Students:

Please see the UC Clermont English Placement Testing page.

The English Placement Test is facilitated via Blackboard and is not completed at a traditional on-site testing center or classroom facility. Complete the following steps to register for the English Placement Test:

Step (1): Log into Blackboard.

  • Your username and password for Blackboard are your Central Login credentials (the same as you use for email).
  • If you are having trouble logging into Blackboard, contact University of Cincinnati Information technology at (513)556-4357 or via email at helpdesk@uc.edu.
  • If you are experiencing an issue with Blackboard, contact Blackboard support at (513) 556-1602 or via email at blackboard@uc.edu.  

Step (2): Click the Courses tab at the top of the page, then enter "Main
                Campus English Placement
" in the Course Search box.

Step (3): Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the course
               number "uc11_viesonja_001."

Step (4): Click on the arrow next to the course number
               "uc11_viesonja_001" and select "Enroll."

Step (5): Click "Submit" on the enrollment confirmation screen.

Step (6): Click "OK" on the enrollment confirmation screen.

Step (7): Return to the course located on your "My Courses" tab in
                 Blackboard during one of the sessions listed below to
                 complete the test.   

Test Availability: Spring 2018 (SS18)
Test Begins
  Test Ends  
Sunday, August 5 12:00 PM
Saturday, August 11 12:00 PM
Sunday, August 12 12:00 PM Saturday, August 18 12:00 PM
Sunday, August 19 12:00 PM Saturday, August 25 12:00 PM
Sunday, August 26 12:00 PM Saturday, September 1 12:00 PM

†All tests are available on Blackboard from Fridays at noon through Mondays at noon for each testing session.