Sport Media and Promotion Certificate

About the Certificate

The Sport Media and Promotion Certificate is designed to give students theoretical understanding and practical experience in the area of sports media, a category of media and promotion that has moved to the forefront of the media and news industry. This certificate allows students to integrate these areas into a cohesive experience and knowledge base in preparation for careers within a wide range of sport perspectives, including those of sports organizations, media outlets, athletes and brands, and connecting with audiences through sport. Given that Cincinnati offers a wide variety of opportunities for sport media and promotion from professional sports and events to high school sports and, of course, UC's own athletic programs, there is ample opportunity for placement and utilization of this type of educational experience both locally and beyond.

Student Learning Outcomes

Completing an Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Media and Promotion gives students tools to operate as a competent professional within the sport media industry. Through courses and field experience(s), students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate superior writing and communication skills.
  • Construct meaningful stories for established and emerging media platforms.
  • Coordinate and conduct interviews with stakeholders within the sport media industry.
  • Explain ethical and social responsibility issues in the sport media industry.
  • Assess opportunities and challenges of the sport media industry within a global environment.

Certificate Requirements

Students must complete:

  • Category A: Take Two Core Foundation Courses | 06 credit hours 
  • Category B: Choose One Communication Public Relations Course | 03 credit hours 
  • Category C: Choose One Journalism Course | 03 credit hours 
  • Category D: Choose Two Sport Administration Courses | 06 credit hours 

TOTAL: 18 Credit Hours


  • Students must take 2 of 3 courses in each discipline as listed below (Communication, Journalism, and Sport Administration) for a total of 18 semester credit hours. Students will be highly encouraged to complete an internship as part of the certificate program; however, it is not a requirement.
  • COMM 3077 - Communication, Identity & Sport 
  • JOUR 3030  -  Sports Reporting
  • COMM 2042  - Intro to PR 
  • COMM 2043  - PR Writing (2042)
  • JOUR 2020  - Media Law & Ethics
  • JOUR 2030 - Principles of Photojournalism
  • SMGT 1001 - Introduction to Sport Administration 
  • SMGT 3020 - Sport Marketing 
  • SMGT 4020 - Sport Public Relations