Digital Engagement Certificate

About the Certificate in Digital Engagement

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The Digital Engagement Certificate is designed to give students a theoretical understanding and practical experience in the area of digital technology engagement, integrating technological skills and knowledge with digital literacy and digital competency.  The need for professionals competent in both technology and communication is growing, particularly in the fields of public relations and digital engagement. Successful digital engagement is driven by a strong understanding of what makes a powerful narrative and how it is best repeated across audiences leveraging digital platforms; i.e. how to tell a story using words, images, or audio and an understanding of how to create content that draws an audience. In order to accomplish this, professionals must have knowledge and expertise in audience research and data mining, skills in writing and visual communication, an understanding of the impact of mediated communication, and technical skills such as web and mobile development.  This certificate allows students to increase their understanding and skills in these areas into a knowledge base well suited for careers within a wide range of IT and digital perspectives.

Student Learning Outcomes

Completing an Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Engagement gives students tools to operate as a competent professional with technological knowledge and communication awareness.  Through courses and field experience(s), students will learn to:

  • Apply an understanding of personal attitudes and behaviors when communicating and engaging with others through digital means.
  • Construct, execute, and manage effective digital communication in forms and styles appropriate for a variety of audiences and purposes.
  • Recognize ethical and social responsibility issues in the fields of communication and technology.
  • Identify and describe the opportunities and challenges of digital engagement within a global environment.

Digital Engagement Certificate Requirements

Students Must Complete:

  • Category A: Complete all of the Information Technology Courses 
  • Category B: One of the Communication Research Courses 
  • Category C: One of the Mediated Communication Courses 
  • Category D: One of the Professional Writing Courses Courses 

TOTAL: 18 Credit Hours

A. Required Information Technology Course: 

  • IT 1050 - Fundamentals of Information Techonology
  • IT 1051C - Fundamentals of Digital Media 
  • IT 1040  - Website Creation and Management 

B. Choose One of the Research Courses:

  • COMM 3000  - Public Relations Research
  • COMM 3039  - Communication Research Methods 

C. Choose One of the Mediated Communication Courses:

  • COMM 2089  - The Internet and Everyday Life
  • COMM 2025  - Introduction to Media Literacy 
  • COMM 3026  - Media Impact
  • COMM 4029  - Media and Technology 

D. Choose One of the Professional Writing Courses:

  • ENGL 3070 - Desktop Publishing 
  • ENGL 3072  - Multimedia Writing 
  • ENGL 3074  - Rhetoric of Social Media  
  • ENGL 4092  - Technical and Scientific Writing