Communication Co-Op Program

The Communication Co-op Program is an optional track available to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (McMicken College of Arts and Sciences). Students accepted to the program will participate inprofessional development coursework and complete three semesters of full-time, paid cooperative education work in the communication field by graduation.  The Communication Co-op Program option is offered in partnership through the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning (ProPEL) and the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences.


The Communication Co-op Track is an optional program for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts & Sciences. Students accepted into the track will participate in mandatory professional development coursework offered by the Division of Experience-Based Learning & Career Education and complete three semesters of paid, full-time cooperative education work in the communication field before graduation. Sophomores accepted into the track can complete 120 credit hours of coursework and all three co-op rotations within four years.


Students interested in the Communication Co-op Track must complete these 4 steps in the proper order:


1. Register for PD 2070: Professionalism & Purpose (sections 004 or 005) during your sophomore year.

o PD 2070 serves as the prerequisite for our Communication Co-op Track and Internship class. Topics include career planning, resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and additional professional development coursework.

2. Consult with your PD 2070 instructor and the Communication Co-op Director (beginning in week ten of PD 2070) to determine which experiential learning pathway (co-op, internships, both, neither) best matches your individual goals.

3. Complete the application form declaring your intention to enter the Communication Co-op Track.

4. Place completed application form in Steve Fuller’s mailbox (137 McMicken) or email it to


Fall 2018 Application Deadline: Tuesday, November 13 @ 5:00 pm


A three-person committee will choose each semester’s new cohort (typically between 15-20 students). Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within 7 days of the deadline. If accepted, students will start their job search the semester following PD 2070 and begin working the semester after that. Students then rotate between taking classes and working until they complete three semesters of co-op and fulfill the mandatory university and departmental graduation requirements.


The following elective classes are recommended to develop the skills necessary to excel in professional workplaces:

  • COMM 1071     Intro to Effective Speaking
  • COMM 1076     Intro to Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2042     Intro to Public Relations
  • COMM 2048     Event Planning & Fundraising Management
  • COMM 2043     Public Relations Writing           
  • COMM 2081     Business Communication
  • DAAP 2013      A Non-Designer’s Guide to Graphic Design
  • EMED 1015     Integrated Media Production I for Non-Majors
  • ENGL 3071      Technical Writing
  • IS 2080C         Digital Technologies for Business
  • IT 1040C         Website Creation & Management
  • MKTG 3000     Professional Selling

The following schedules outline the two most common co-op pathways to graduation:

Fall                                          Spring                                     Summer

Freshman:       Classes (15 credit hours)          Classes (15)                             Classes (15)

Sophomore:    PD 2070 (3) | Classes (12)       Classes (15) | JOB SEARCH    COOP 3051 (Job 1)

Junior:             PD 3090 (1) | Classes (14)       COOP 4051 (Job 2)                 Classes (15)

Senior:            COOP 4052 (Job 3)                 Classes (15) | GRADUATE


Fall                                          Spring                                     Summer

Freshman:       Classes (15 credit hours)          Classes (15)                             Classes (15)

Sophomore:    Classes (15)                             PD 2070 (3) | Classes (12)       Classes (15) | JOB SEARCH

Junior:             COOP 3051 (Job 1)                 PD 3090 (1) | Classes (14)       COOP 4051 (Job 2)

Senior:            Classes (15)                             COOP 4052 (Job 3) | GRADUATE

Contact Steve Fuller for more information

Steve Fuller | 513.556.4056