Rhetoric & Public Advocacy

Rhetoric concentration track

Stephen Depoe, Ph.D.

Photo of Steve Depoe

Representative Publications

Peeples, J. A., & Depoe, S. P. (Eds.) (2014). Voice and Environmental Communication. London: Palgrave-MacMillan.

Depoe, S. P., Delicath, J. D., & Aepli, M. F. (Eds.) (2004). Communication and public participation in environmental decision-making: Advances in theory and practice. Albany:  SUNY press.

Additional Publications from Dr. Depoe

John Lynch, PhD

Photo of John Lynch

Representative Publications

Lynch, J. A., Bennett, D. E., Luntz, A., Toy, C. T., & Van Benschoten, E. (in press). Bridging Science and Journalism: Identifying the role of public relations in the construction and circulation of stem cell research among laypeople.  Science Communication.

Lynch, J. A. (2013).  “Prepare to Believe”: The Creation Museum as embodied conversion narrative.  Rhetoric & Public Affairs, 16, 1-27. Lead Article.

Additional Publications from Dr. Lynch

Kurt Neuwirth, PhD

Photo of Kurt Neuwirth

Representative Publications