Ohio American Trustees Project

Expanding the American Trustee Project digital collection of documentary films and outreach materials to increase civic literacy, and to motivate and to activate civic participation.

The American Trustees Project (AT Project), first started by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas, provides public access to online resources designed to teach about civic life through compelling stories of civically minded and active community leaders. By collecting and sharing the stories of local role models, the AT Project supplies real world context to civic issues, inspiring civic action and increasing civic literacy. The Ohio American Trustees Project builds on the strength of the Texan AT Project by expanding the digital library and outreach materials to include American Trustees from Ohio for greater connectivity to local heroes.

Meet our Ohio American Trustees!

Ohio American Trustees Project

Janaki Venkayya: Committed To Caring

A woman with a mission, Janaki Venkayya started with an idea and a piece of paper. Before long, she had built a team of different organizations that work together to meet a need in her community.

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Roger Grein:
The Cheerful Giver 

Bringing joy and happiness by living and giving for others, Roger Grein teaches and inspires others to pay it forward. High school and college students learn about what it means to be a philanthropist through Roger’s program called Magnified Giving.

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Try an activity on personal legacies like Roger (Grades 7-12)

Jim Cotter:
An Appalachian Renaissance

Jim Cotter wanted to do something for his home town. Jim and his sister started by washing windows of vacant buildings on a street in Glouster, Ohio. What happened next inspired a renaissance of heart, mind, and soul.

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Funding for this project has been provided by the Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation.