4+1 MA/BA for UC Students




About the 4+1 Program 

What is "4+1"? How does it work?

This program allows UC Communication Majors who have been accepted in the program to begin taking graduate classes in their senior year (that is, when they have 90 or more credit hours). After earning the BA degree, students in good standing will be formally admitted to the Graduate School and continue their graduate coursework.

Students apply to the program in their Junior year. After admission to the program, seniors may enroll for a maximum of 12 graduate credits before finishing their BA. Students who complete 6-12 graduate credits in their senior year should be able to complete their Master's degree in one additional year.

Graduate courses taken in your Senior year do not count towards your BA degree. Students must complete all A&S and University requirements in order to receive the BA degree. Graduate credits taken during the senior year will count toward the MA degree, but not the BA degree.


When are the deadlines for applying? 

Students apply during their Junior year. The deadline for admissions is the second Monday in March. We will admit no more than 5 students to the 4+1 program on a competitive basis. See Applying to the 4+1 Program for more information. 

What kinds of financial aid are available for 4+1 students?

When taking graduate courses in the senior year, students are charged undergraduate tuition. After earning the BA degree, students will be formally admitted to the Graduate School and be charged graduate tuition for their coursework. In that second year, students receive a UGS tuition scholarship equal to 25% of graduate tuition for two semesters of full-time graduate study.

Please note: Students who want to compete for graduate assistantships (often teaching in the department) should apply for our traditional full-time two-year program during their senior year, rather than apply for the 4+1 program.

How many credits are required to complete the MA in Communication? How can I possibly finish the degree in one extra year?

The Department requires 33 graduate credits (24 credits of Communication coursework plus 9 credits for a completion project) for the MA program. A 4+1 student can complete a 33-credit program within one additional year by taking 6-9 credits during the senior year, and then completing the program the next academic year (taking minimally 12 credits per semester).

What are the completion options available to 4+1 students? Will they be required to complete a MA thesis?

Under both current two-year program and the 4+1 program, MA students are required to complete either a thesis (independent research) or praxis project (advanced internship and application report) as their completion project.

Should I apply for the 4+1 or 2-year MA program?

There are benefits to both programs. Your choice should be guided by your individual interests and goals.

If accepted, the 4+1 MA program allows you to get your BA and MA in 5 years. This is a good path for students who are looking for a way to distinguish themselves in the job market and want additional academic enrichment. The 4+1 does not require taking the GRE. You receive a scholarship equivalent to 25% reduction in graduate tuition costs. 4+1 students are not eligible for departmental graduate assistantships (although some students do find assistantships elsewhere on campus after they complete their BA degree).

If accepted, the 2-year MA program gives students 2 full years of graduate study. A high percentage of students accepted in this program receive Graduate Assistantships (tuition remission and a stipend), which may include teaching in the department. Students may pursue professional work or go on to a doctoral program. If you are interested in doctoral studies, the 2-year program provides a good foundation. This program does require taking the GRE.

Whom do I talk to if I have questions about the 4+1 program?

Dr. John Lynch is the Director of Graduate Studies and advises students for the 4+1 program. He can be reached at john.lynch@uc.edu or 513-556-6232.