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Ronald L Jackson II

Title: Professor of Communication
Office: 146C McMicken Hall
Tel: 513-556-4493
Email: jacksrd@ucmail.uc.edu

Ronald L. Jackson II is past co-editor (with Kent Ono) of Critical Studies in Media Communication. His research explores empirical, conceptual, and critical approaches to the study of masculinity, identity negotiation, Whiteness, and Afrocentricity. He is author of 14 books, including his most recent book (with Jamel Bell) entitled Interpreting Tyler Perry.

Professor Jackson is 2nd Vice President of the National Communication Association.  He will plan the NCA convention in Dallas in 2017.


  • PhD., Howard University, 1996 (Rhetoric/Intercultural Communication).
  • M.A., University of Cincinnati, 1993 (Organizational Communication).
  • B.A., University of Cincinnati, 1991 (Speech Communication)).


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Jackson, R. & Morrison, C. (In Press). An analysis of Boondocks’ Uncle Ruckus Reality show and Griaule’s four degrees of the word. Journal of Black Studies.
  • Jackson, R. L. (2012). Articulating the heuristic value of African American Communication Studies. Review of Communication, 12 (3).
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  • Jackson, R. L. (2003). THEME: Identity Negotiation: An exploration of racial, cultural and gendered identities [Second Part of Double Thematic Issue on Identity Negotiation]. Communication Quarterly, 50 (4).
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  • Ronald Jackson and Murali Balaji (2015). (In Press). Border Citizenry and the Arbitrary Civil Protection of Black Males: A look at Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till. . Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies..
  • Katherine Hendrix and Ronald Jackson (2016). The Contours of Progress: Parsing Diversity and Difference Studies. Communication Education, 65 (2), 245-245-249.

Published Books

  • Howard, S. & Jackson, R. L (2013). Black Comics: Past and Present. New York, NY: Continuum (Co-Editor).
  • Jackson, R. L. & Moshin, J. E. (2012). Communicating Marginalized Masculinities: Identity Politics in TV, Film, and New Media. New York: Routledge.
  • Jackson, R. L. & Balaji, M (2011). Global Masculinities and Manhood. . Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press (Co-Author).
  • Jackson, R. L. & Hopson, M. ( (2011). Masculinity in the Black Imagination. New York: Peter Lang (Co-Author).
  • Jackson, R. L. (2010). Encyclopedia of Identity (2 volumes). . Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Jackson, R. L. (2006). Scripting the Black Masculine Body: Identity, Discourse and Racial Politics in Popular Media. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.
  • Jackson, R. L., & Brown Givens, S (2006). Black Pioneers in Communication Research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications (Co-Author).
  • Richardson, E. & Jackson, R. L. (2004). African American Rhetoric(s): Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Carbondale, Ill.: Southern Illinois University Press (Co-Author).
  • Jackson, R. L. & Hendrix, K. (2004). Racial,Cultural, and Gendered Identities in Educational Contexts: Communication Perspectives on Identity. New York: Routledge.
  • Jackson, R. L. (2004). African American Communication and Identities: Essential Readings. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Jackson, R. L. & Richardson, E (2003). Understanding African American Rhetoric: Classical origins to contemporary innovations. New York: Routledge (Co-Author).
  • Hecht, M. L., Jackson, R. L. (2003). ). African American Communication: Exploring Identity and Culture. (2nd Edition). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum (Co-Author).
  • Jackson, R. L. (1999). The Negotiation of Cultural Identity. Westport, CT: Praeger Press.
  • Bell, J. & Jackson, R. (2013). Interpreting Tyler Perry. New York, NY: Routledge (Co-Editor).
  • Jackson, R. L. (2000). Think About It: The Question Book for Those Curious about Race and Self-Discovery. Lincoln, NE: Writer's Club Press.
  • Ronald Jackson (In Progress). Contemporary Public Speaking: Five Steps to Captivating Audiences. . New York: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

  • Morrison, C. & Jackson, R. (2015). The Appropriation of the African Naming Process & Black hip hop Masculinity in Ego Trip’s The (White) Rapper Show. Soul Thieves (pp.8-9-21). New York: Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Glenn & Jackson, R. (2015). (In Press). Renegotiating Identity and Communication: Keywords in Communication Research. Keywords in Communication (pp.165-189). New York: Hampton Press.
  • Jackson, R. L., Glenn, C. L., & Morant, K. M. (2013). Self-identity. Inter/Cultural Communication: Representation and Construction of Culture in Everyday Interaction Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Jackson, R. L. & Camara, S. (2012). Scripting and Consuming Black Bodies in Hip Hop Music and Pimp Movies. Message in the Music: Hip Hop, History & Pedagogy Atlanta, GA: Clarity Press.
  • Jackson, R. L (2011). Foreword. The Talking Drum (pp.9-11). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
  • Jackson, R. L. & Moshin, J. (2011). Identity and difference: Race and the necessity of the discriminating subject. The Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication (pp.348-363). New York: Wiley.
  • Moshin, J. & Jackson, R. L. (2011). Inscribing racial bodies and relieving responsibility: Examining racial politics in Crash. Critical Rhetorics of Race (pp.214-232). New York: NYU Press.
  • Jackson, R. L. & Brown-Givens, S. (2009). Molefi Kete Asante: Father of Afrocentricity. Essays in honor of an intellectual warrior, Molefi Kete Asante Paris, France: Menaibuc.
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  • Jackson, R. L. & Moshin, J. (2008). Scripting Jewishness within the satire Hebrew Hammer. Communication Ethics: Between cosmopolitanism and provincialit (pp.187-214). New York: Peter Lang.
  • Jackson, R. L., Warren, J. R., Pitts, M. J., & Wilson, K. B. (2007). ). “It is Not My Responsibility to Teach Culture!”: White Graduate Teaching Assistants Negotiating Identity and Pedagogy. Whiteness, Pedagogy, and Performance: Dis/Placing race (pp.67-86). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
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  • Jackson, R. (2015). Mapping cultural communication research (reprinted essay). The Global Intercultural Communication Reader (pp.76-91). New York: Routledge.

Electronic Journal Articles

  • Jackson, R. L (2001). Negotiating Race, Culture, & Identity in Rural Community Settings: An Introduction., E4 (1).
  • Jackson, R. L. & Stewart, J. B. (2001). Negotiation of African American Identities in Rural America: A Cultural Contracts Approach., E4 (1).
  • Jackson, R. L. (2001). THEME: Negotiating Race, Culture & Identity in Rural Communities., E4 (1).

Encyclopedia Articles

  • Jackson, R. (2012). Cultural contracts. Encyclopedia of Communication Theory
  • Jackson, R. (In Press). Cultural contracts. Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence

    Presentations & Lectures

    Paper Presentations

    • Ronald Jackson (11-22-2014). A Tribute to Melbourne S. Cummings: Celebrating over 40 Years as Scholar, Professor, Mentor, NCA Leader, and Colleague, Chicago, IL.
    • Ronald Jackson (11-22-2014). Diversifying Research through Leadership, Publishing and Mentorship: The Future of Our Presence(s), Chicago, IL.
    • Ronald Jackson (11-22-2014). The Past in the Present, Chicago, IL.

    Honors & Awards

    • University of Cincinnati Department of Communication 2012 Alumnus of the Year, 2012.
    • NCA Service Award for serving as Director of Finance Board, 2009 to 2011.
    • American Library Association/Reference and User Services Association 2011 Outstanding Reference Sources Award for the Encyclopedia of Identity, 2011 to 2011.
    • Eastern Communication Association Distinguished Teaching Fellow, 2010 to 2012.
    • Eastern Communication Association Centennial Scholar, 2009.
    • NCA International and Intercultural Communication & Culture Division's, 2007.
    • Distinguished Scholarship Award for the book Scripting the Black Masculine Body, 2006.
    • Eastern Communication Association’s Everett Lee Hunt Award for Outstanding Scholarship, 2007.
    • Duquesne University Scholarly Award for Communication Excellence in Ethics Education for the Mind, Heart, and Spirit, 2007.
    • NCA African American Communication & Culture Division's, 2006.
    • Distinguished Scholarship Award for the book Black Pioneers in Communication Research , 2006.

    Experience & Service

    Work Experience

    • 2008 to 2012, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    • 2007 to 2008, Penn State Cancer Institute.
    • 2002 to 2002, Howard University.
    • 1998 to 2008, Pennsylvania State University.
    • 1996 to 1998, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.
    • 1995 to 1996, Xavier University of Louisiana.

    Student Advising

    • Youn, ChangGook (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2007)
    • Wright, Trina (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2001)
    • Williams, Carol (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2009)
    • Watson, Kimberlyn (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2003)
    • Warren, Jennifer (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Walker, Felicia (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (1998)
    • Wadsworth, Brooke C (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Tu, Hui-wen (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2005)
    • Sun, Wei (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2002)
    • Smallwood, Maya (Master), Committee Member.
    • Schneider, Stephen (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Moshin, Jamie (Master), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Morgan, Allison (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2009)
    • Measel, Kristen (Undergrad), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2005)
    • Maeda, Eriko (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Lewis, Shawn (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2003)
    • Levy, Meloney (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2002)
    • Laskowski, Kara (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Kundrat, Amanda (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2001)
    • King, Donna (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2009)
    • Kimokeo-Goes, Una (Master), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2007)
    • Johnson, Curtis (Master), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2008)
    • Johnson, Amber (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • James-Hughes, Jacqueline (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2002)
    • Imperato, Nicole (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2002)
    • Huang, Haiyan (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2009)
    • Horikami, Bryan (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Herbert, Shamine (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2000)
    • Gersie, Wayne (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2009)
    • Freymiller, Lyn (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2003)
    • Fredrick, John G. M. (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2004)
    • Falkowski, Tan (Master), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2001)
    • Ervin, Cory (Master), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2007)
    • Droll, Leia (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2005)
    • Drayton, Bredndaly (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: In Progress (2012)
    • Dangerfield, Celnisha (Master), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2002)
    • Carraway, Vernon (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2008)
    • Byme, Dara (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2002)
    • Broussard, Dana (Doctoral), Committee Member.
    • Bridges, Shenay (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2007)
    • Boonsathom, Wasita (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2003)
    • Boes, Cynthia (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Barnett, Jacqueline (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2006)
    • Balaji, Murali (Doctoral), Committee Member. Status: Completed (2009)
    • Mercedes Jones (Master), Chair. Status: Completed (05-2016)
    • Jemannie Luong (Master), Chair. Status: Completed (05-2016)
    • Branden Elmore (Master), Chair. Status: Completed (05-2016)
    • Olivia Harrison (Master), Committee Member. Status: In Progress (05-2017)


    • President-Elect, National Communication Association Officer, 03-01-2015 to 01-01-2020

    Other Experience and Professional Memberships

    • National Communication Association (NCA)- Life Member,
    • International Communication Association (ICA) – Life Member,
    • Eastern Communication Association (ECA) – Life Member,
    • Western States Communication Association (WSCA) – Life Member,
    • Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) – Life Member,
    • Central Stated Communication Association (CSCA) – Life Member,
    • National Association of African American Studies (NAAS),
    • National Council of Black Studies (NCBS),
    • Association for the Study of African American Life & History,

    Courses Taught

    • Negotiating Cultural Identities
    • Introduction to African American Film
    • Introduction to Whiteness Studies
    • Blacks in Blockbuster Films
    • African American Communication
    • Communication Skills for Business Leadership (newly proposed freshman seminar)
    • Communicating Race & Identity (newly proposed freshman seminar)
    • Effective Speech (another section taught as Continuing Ed. course)
    • Honors Effective Speech (honors section for university scholars)
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Systems and Theories of Human Communication
    • Gender & Communication
    • Nonverbal Communication
    • Intercultural Communication Theory & Research
    • African American Comm. & Identities
    • Dynamic Presentations with Powerpoint
    • Contemporary African American Rhetorical Theory (Newly Proposed Graduate Seminar)
    • Cross-Cultural Communication (Graduate Seminar)
    • Communication, Culture & Identities (Newly Proposed Graduate Seminar)
    • Trends & Issues in Cultural Research (Newly Proposed Graduate Seminar)