Why does it log me out as User if I log in as Director?
You cannot be logged in as both USer and Director at the same time due to the security coding requirements of the system. If you are logged in as user and log in as director you will be logged out as the user.

How do I submit a sample?
If you are already a User, go to user service, log in with your user information and select Submit Sample.

  • Fill out the information as best as you can. Print out the form which comes up after you have filled out the Sample Information.
  • Draw the Chemical Structure on the form you have printed out, tape the sample vial to the form and bring it to the Mass Spec Lab.
  • Also remember to print out an extra copy of the sample form for your records so you can check back on how the sample is being processed.

What is the difference between User and Director?
The Director is the head of the group, such as a Professor in an academic lab or a Business Contact in a company. They can add users (including themselves) and account information. They can also check on all of their users' samples.

You must be logged in as a User to submit samples.

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