Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes

Center for Biosensors & Chemical Sensors
404 Crosley Tower
Phone: 513-556-9200
Fax: 513-556-9239
William R. Heineman, Center Director

The Center for Exploratory Studies
French Hall West, 2nd Floor
Phone: 513-556-6540
Fax: 513-556-6323 Allison Logan, Director

Center for Geospatial Information & Environmental Sensor Network (GIESN)
227 Braunstein Hall
Phone: 513-556-3451
Fax: 513-556-3370
Hongxing Liu, Center Director
Richard Beck, Center Associate Director

Center for Organizational Leadership
5120F EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center
Phone: 513-556-2659
Fax: 513-556-4168
Donna Chrobot-Mason, Center Director
Stacie Furst-Holloway, Undergraduate Director
Nancy Rogers, Graduate Director

Charles Phelps Taft Research Center
47 Corry Blvd., Edwards I
Suite 1110
Phone: 513-556-0675
Fax: 513-558-7136
Adrian Parr, Director

UC Center for Field Studies
Phone: 513-556-9733
Fax: 513-556-5299
David Lentz, Executive Director

Cognition, Action and Perception Center (CAP)
5140 A Edwards 1 Edwards Center
Phone: 513-321-0425
Fax: 513-556-4168
Michael Riley, Director

Kunz Center for Social Research
1018 Crosley Tower
Phone: 513-556-4700
Fax: 513-556-0057
Jennifer Malat, Director

McMicken Health Research Center
Phone: (513) 556-3034
Dr. Lisa Meloncon, Director