Past Seminars

Autumn Semester 2012

Sept 10

Jim Eliassen
Dept. Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
University of Cincinnati

"Learning, Brain Activity, and The Effects of Recreational Drug Use"

Host lab: Petren

Sept 17

Sudha Agarwal
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University

"Exercise everyday keeps doctors away: Mechanotransduction in cartilage and bone"

Host lab: Matter

Sept 24

David Sandstrom
National Institutes of Health- National Institute of Mental Health

"Fly Knockouts: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of General Anesthesia"

Host lab: Buschbeck

Oct 1

Molly Morris
Department of Biological Sciences
Ohio University

"Variation in female mate preferences: lessons from swordtail fishes"

Host lab: Polak

Oct 8

Miriam Steinitz Kannan
Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Kentucky University

"Climate Change in the Galapagos Islands, a paleolimnological perspective"

Host lab: Buffam

Oct 15

John Homer
S.M. Stoller Corporation

"Ecological Restoration at the Fernald Preserve "

Host lab: Conover

Oct 22

Catherine Linnen
Department of Biology
University of Kentucky

"Linking genotype to phenotype: Evolution of adaptive color in mice"

Host lab: Gross

Oct 29

Ryan Kerney
Department of Biology
Gettysburg College

"Exploring the developmental diversity of amphibians"

Host lab: Gross

Nov 5

Brian Traw
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

"No Free Lunch! Genome-wide association mapping reveals how plants defend against their enemies "

Host lab: Matter

Nov 19

Jorge Hurtado-Gonzales
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Cincinnati

"The maintenance of male color polymorphism in Poecilia parae"

Host lab: Polak

Nov 26


Dec 3

Lisa Sandell
University of Louisville

Host lab: Petren

Dec 10

Jake Beaulieu
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Research Laboratory

"Burial reduces nitrate removal in headwater streams: evidence from two US metropolitan areas "

Host lab: Buffam

Spring Semester 2013

Jan 7

Richard Durtsche
Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Kentucky University

"Impact of honeysuckle on aquatic ecosystems and tadpoles "

Host lab: Buffam

Jan 14


Jan 28

Nigel Noriega
Sustainable Innovation Initiatives, Inc

Host lab: Buchholz

Feb 4

Thoru Pederson
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
University of Massachusetts Medical School

"Reflections on Alfred Nobel and Those Prizes of His "

Host lab: Kaneshiro

Feb 5**

Judith Pederson
MIT Sea Grant College Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The Times They are A-Changin… Climate Change and Marine Bioinvasions"
10:00 AM, 502 Rieveschl

Host lab: Kaneshiro

Feb 11


Feb 18

Peggy Hill
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Tulsa

" Digging for gold with an at-risk species: the case of the prairie mole cricket, Gryllotalpa major"

Host: BGSA

Feb 25

Laura Katz
Department of Biological Sciences
Smith College

"Dynamic Genomes across the tree of life "

Host labs: Kaneshiro and Petren

Mar 4

Jim Fordyce
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Tennessee

Host lab: Matter

Mar 7**

Dr. Jay Slack Sr.
Research Investigator
Accelerated Discovery Science & Technology
Givaudan Flavors Corporation

" Applying pharmacology and molecular biology for the discovery of novel tastants"

**3:45 PM, ** Rieveschl Auditorium in the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
Visiting Pharmacology Scholars Seminar Series

Mar 11

John Hildebrand
Department of Neuroscience
University of Arizona

Host lab: Uetz

Mar 18


Mar 25 Dennis Grogan
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Cincinnati

"Mutagenic roadblocks: A tale of yeast genes, formaldehyde, and trans-lesion polymerases"
Apr 1

Jonathan Pruitt
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

Host lab: Uetz

Apr 8

Ed Connor
Department of Biology
San Franscisco St. Univ.

"The mechanism of induction of insect galls "

Host lab: Matter

Apr 15

Department Awards Day
Keynote address by Dr. Valerie Pence
Director of Plant Research
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden



For information regarding these seminars, contact Dr. Stephen Matter or Dr. Ishi Buffam.