Autumn Quarter 2010

Sept 28

Dr. Robert Fleischer
Smithsonian National Zoological Park

"Birds of Paradise Lost: Evolution, Extinction, and Conservation
of Hawaii's Birds"
12:30pm, 400B Tangeman

~BioMolecular Markers Seminar Series~

Oct 4

Dr. Sergey Nuzhdin
Dept of Molecular & Computational Biology
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

"Genomic analysis of local adaptation: ecology meets molecular biology"

Host lab: Baucom

Oct 18

Dr. Peter Narins
Dept of Physiological Science & Evolutionary Biology
Los Angeles, California

"Adventures of an Expeditionary Biologist: Mechanisms Underlying Acoustic and Seismic Communication"

Host lab: Uetz

Oct 19

Dr. Nils Walter
Dept of Chemistry
University of Michigan

"Scientists Watching Action Movies: Single-Molecule Enzymology of Natural and
Engineered RNA (DNA, Protein) Nanomachines"
12:30pm, 800 Swift

~BioMolecular Markers Seminar Series~

Oct 25

Dr. Michael Shapiro
Dept of Biology
The University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

"An air and sea search for the genetic basis of vertebrate diversity"

Host lab: Gross

Oct 28

Dr. Peter Beal
Dept of Chemistry
UC Davis

"mRNA Recoding by Adenosine Deamination"
12:30pm, 800 Swift Hall

~BioMolecular Markers Seminar Series~

Nov 1

Dr Hazel Barton
Dept of Biological Sciences
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY

"White Nose Syndrome in Bats: When it Rains, It Pours"

Host lab: Gross

Nov 8

Dr. Kelly Dyer
Dept of Genetics
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

"Evolutionary conflict within the genome:X-chromosome drive in Drosophila"

Host lab: Baucom

Nov 15

Dr. Steven de Belle
Associate Director, Biology
Dart NeuroScience LLC
San Diego, CA

"Three Tales of Pavlov's Flies"

Host lab: Rollman

Nov 22

Dr. John Kelly
Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
The University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

"Quantitative genetics as a predictive science"

Host lab: Baucom

Dec 3

Dr. Anna Mapp
Dept of Chemistry
University of Michigan

"Small and Large-Molecule Transcriptional Regulators"
3pm, 427 ERC

~BioMolecular Markers Seminar Series~

Dec 6

Radiation Safety Training
"Emergency Procedures"
4pm. Rieveschl Hall 502

Winter Quarter 2011

Jan 3

Dr. Judith Mank
Dept of Zoology
University of Oxford

"The evolution of sexual dimorphism and sex chromosomes"

Host lab: Baucom

Jan 10

Dr. Eric Tepe
"Potatoes gone wild: phylogeny and the search for synapomorphies among relatives of Solanum tuberosum."
University of Cincinnati
Adjunct appointment seminar

Host lab: Culley

Jan 24 Dr. Thomas Williams
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Dayton
"Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Molecular Insights About the Making and Evolution of Fruit Fly Sexually Dimorphic Traits"

Host lab: Gross

Jan 31

Dr. Santa Jeremy Ono
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Cincinnati
"Role of Chemokines in Allergic Reactions"

Host lab: Kineshiro

Feb 7 Dr. Sergey Nuzhdin
Dept of Molecular & Computational Biology University of Southern California Los Angeles, California
"Genomic analysis of local adaptation: ecology meets molecular biology"

Host lab: Baucom

Feb 22 Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
Professor of Environmental Science and Policy George Mason University, Virginia "A Wild Solution to Climate Change"

Lecture sponsored by the Fellows of the Graduate School and will be held Tuesday, February 22nd in TUC Great Hall (465)

Feb 28

Dr. Mark Novak
Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Santa Cruz
"Bridging theory and data to understand species interactions and forecast dynamics"

Host lab: Cameron

Mar 7

Dr. Ranjan Deka
Dept of Environmental Health
University of Cincinnati
"Epidemiology and GWAS of metabolic traits in an Adriatic Population"

Host lab: Baucom

Spring Quarter 2011

April 4

Dr. Jens Roland
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
"Generalist predators facilitate the success of specialist parasites introduced for biological control of the winter moth"

Host lab: Matter

April 11

Dr. Art Weis
Director, Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Toronto

"Adaptation to a changing climate: phenology at the nexus"

Host lab: Baucom

April 18

Dr. Craig Albertson
Dept of Biology
Syracuse University
"Toward the Origin of Craniofacial Diversity in Cichlid Fishes: Patterns, Processes and Mechanisms"

Host lab: Gross

April 25

Dr. Arkhat Abzhanov
Dept of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University
"Pecking at the origin of natural variation: insights from Darwin's finches and other birds."

Host lab: Gross

May 2

Dr. Jen Lau
Kellogg Biological Station and Dept of Plant Biology
University of Michigan
"Evolutionary Consequences of Global Change: Effects on Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems"

Host lab: Baucom

May 9

Dr. Jamie Estill
Dept of Plant Biology and the iPlant Collaborative
University of Georgia

Host lab: Petren

May 17

Dr. Ann Swanson
Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Commission
"The Challenge of the Chesapeake: Lessons For Environmental Leaders."

The presentation will take place in the Geology/Physics Building, Room 527, at 1 pm

June 1

Dr. Brenda Hunda
Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology
Cincinnati Museum Center
Geier Collections & Research Center
"Traveling the World for Trilobites: Research into Taphonomy, Paleobiogeography, and Microevolution"

Host lab: Tepperman

There will be an awards ceremony immediately prior to this seminar, beginning at 3:30 pm and held in 502 Rieveschl

For information regarding these seminars, contact Dr. Joshua Gross or  Dr. Regina Baucom.
For information regarding the BioMolecular Markers seminars, contact Dennis Grogan (Biological Sciences) or Pearl Tsang (Chemistry).