News & Events

Upcoming Events:

Two Asian Studies faculty speaking at the Max Kade Center

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Extensive Reading Club led by Prof. Junko Markovic meets every other Thursday in 728 Old Chem.

Past Events:

Fall 2018: Representation of Borders in Ancient Japan

Spring 2018: Return from Death: Puppet Theater Play/Demons and Tengu: The Spirit World in Medieval Japan 

Spring 2017 (2): Being a Japanese Artist; Being an Artist in Japan

Spring 2017 (1): Cultivating Characters: Exemplar Tale and Women’s Education in 17th-Century Japan 

Fall 2016: Male-Male Eroticism in Japanese Visual Culture

Spring 2016: Conceptualizing Deities and Nature in Ancient Japan

Fall 2015: The Arts of the Geisha

Spring 2015: Religion, Art, and Gender (2)

Fall 2014: Religion, Art, and Gender (1)