2021-2022 Annual Report

University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences

Message from the Dean

Interim Dean Hanson

I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve as the interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for the past year.  This year has been such an exciting opportunity for me to more clearly see the full talent and opportunity my college of the past 24 years brings to our students and community.  I am excited to share this report with you that highlights just a few stories from a year of innumerable accomplishments made possible through the hard work and brilliant ideas of the outstanding students, staff, and faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Our dean leadership team, most put in place by our previous dean, now provost, Valerio Ferme, has continued with the same passion and focus on students’ success and inclusive excellence that is the cornerstone of our mission. The College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) is a critical contributor to President Pinto’s three strategic platforms of Next Lives Here (Academic Excellence, Urban Impact, and Innovation).  With near record new first-year A&S student this fall 2022, we are over 8000 students strong. We welcomed 31 new permanent faculty to our ranks, to serve not just our A&S students, but all UC students, as nearly half of our course credits are awarded to non-A&S students.  We provide the foundational courses critical to the success of undergraduate students all over the university and our disciplines remain essential in creating an adaptable and engaged citizenry. It is often said on this campus, ‘Where A&S goes, UC goes.’

The College of Arts & Sciences has academic units in seven buildings across campus and soon another building will hold our units. The new Clifton Court Hall (CCH) building, being built near the corner of Clifton Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive, is where seven current academic units in A&S will move, on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th floors.  Most of the 1st and 2nd floors are dedicated to modern classroom spaces, including many technology-enhanced active learning classrooms.  CCH will be the first new building for A&S academic units since the Geophysics Building was completed in 1987. It will open for use in time for the Fall 2023 academic year.

The college is presently putting together a committee to undertake a national search for its next dean.  Enrollments at UC have exploded, influenced by the national attention last year’s football team brought to Cincinnati.  Student enrollments in A&S courses are at record levels, almost 10% higher than any previous fall term. The college has never looked so promising financially.  Our mission and vision are clear and our resolve strong.  We expect to attract an outstanding individual eager to join the university and serve as the college’s next academic leader to bring continued opportunity and success to A&S students and the University of Cincinnati at large.   

I wish all of you and your families continued health and happiness,

Dean Hanson Signature

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Margaret Hanson, Interim Dean,
UC College of Arts and Sciences

From the Dean's Desk

A year of curricular innovation

During the academic year, we found synergies within our academic disciplines to better meet the evolving needs of our students. Toward that end, the College introduced the new School of Communication, Film and Media Studies (SCFMS), creating a central place for students to explore digital media and communication theory and technology. We also introduced the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA), which includes the Political Science, Law and Society and International Affairs. 

A commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our commitment to DE&I continued, as for the first time we transparently tracked and measured data with our Equity Dashboard. Data shows that so far, the numbers reflect our values. Over a 10-year period, we have welcomed a 5.22% increase in underrepresented minority (URM) undergraduate students; a 5.25% increase in URM tenure-track faculty; and an 8.76% increase in female tenure-track faculty. 

We also launched our first-ever Inclusive Calendar, which marks the holidays, events and observations that celebrate the diverse beliefs held by cultures around the world. 

Clifton Court Hall reaches major milestone

The final beam was hoisted high above Clifton Avenue this month in the topping off ceremony for Clifton Court Hall, one of the latest additions to the UC’s uptown west campus. Situated near the northwest corner of campus, the 185,000-square-foot structure will house several departments within A&S, in addition to 24 classrooms and 230 faculty and staff offices when it opens in spring of 2023.

Find out more about the new Clifton Court Hall > 

2021-2022 Awards, Gifts and Grants

All University Faculty Awards

  • Dr. Anthony Chemero, Professor, Department of Philosophy
    George Rieveschl Jr. Award for Creative and/or Scholarly Works 
  • Dr. Russel Durst, Professor, Department of English
    Faculty Career Award
  • Dr. Ronald Jackson, Professor, School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies
    Distinguished Research Professor 
  • Dr. Andrew Lewis, Associate Professor, School of Public and International Affairs
    Mrs. A.B. “Dolly” Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. James Mack, Professor, Department of Chemistry
    Faculty Entrepreneur Award

Inductees — Fellows of the Graduate School

  • Dr. John Lynch, Professor, Department of Communication
  • Dr. Angela Potochnik, Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Dr. Valerie A. Weinstein, Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Alumni Awards

  • Outstanding Alumni Award 
    Darlene Walley, Chemistry, 1984 
  • Philanthropist of the Year
    Shannon E. Finn Connell, Psychology, 1993 
  • Special Achievement Award 
    Charles Barnett, History, 1971 
  • Outstanding Young Alumni 
    Brande Victorian, Journalism, 2007 

Read more about the 2022 A&S Alumni Award Winners and their contributions to the college.

Want to nominate an outstanding A&S alumnus for recognition? Fellow alumni and faculty may nominate an alumnus for recognition here.

UCAADA Advising Awards

  • College of Arts and Sciences Advising for Exploratory Studies,
    Advising Unit of the Year
  • Heather Kilgore, Director of Academic Student Advising
    The Sarah Grant Barber: Outstanding Advising Administrator Award 
  • Raven Flanigan, Assistant Director of Academic Student Advising
    Great Colleague Award
  • Emily Cloud, Assistant Director of Academic Student Advising
    Great Colleague Award 
  • Matt Pickett, Assistant Director of Academic Student Advising
    Leadership and Service Award, Technology Facilitator Award 
  • Lisa Griffith, Assistant Director of Academic Student Advising 
    Leadership and Service Award 

Featured Gifts and Awards

Fiscal year 2022 was a record-breaker for sponsored research awards: A&S faculty attracted more than $26 million in research funding, up $5 million from the previous five-year average, tripling our funding over the past three years. We plan to close out this fiscal year with our highest number of proposals submitted and highest amount awarded on record for our College. Several large awards were received in Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Political Science. Here are just a few of the larger awards: 

  • The Chemistry Department alone brought in over $4 million in research grants, including Dr. Ashley Ross, Dr. George Stan, Dr. Noe Alvarez, Dr. Wei Liu, Dr. Yujie Sun and Dr. Jimmy Jiang.  

  • The History Department’s Dr. Holly McGee, now faculty in Africana Studies, helped secure $1.038 million in grant funding on behalf of Union Baptist Church Cemeteries Revitalization and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC).  

  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr. Melissa Jacquart received a $50K grant from the Whiting Public Engagement Program for the Bringing Philosophy to Science Fairs after-school program for middle-school students.  

  • The Psychology department’s Dr. Steven Howe continues to bring in funding for the Ohio statewide training systems for children’s and adult protective services. 

  • The Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI), housed in the School for Public and International Affairs, brought in an additional $1.5 million in funding from the Ohio Department of Higher Education to continue to establish regional centers to advance cyber education and training.  

Academic Excellence

Bearcat Promise. Faculty Investment. Staff Enrichment.

In support of UC’s Next Lives Here initiative, Academic Excellence is a pillar strategic initiative for the College. In pursuit of this goal, we support and celebrate our award-winning faculty, cultivate the careers and the strengths of our staff, and stay steadfast in our commitment to ensuring each A&S student is ready upon graduation for the next phase of their future. 

All stories courtesy of UC News

Plants Growing in a field


“A&S launches graduate-level sustainability internships,”
by Anne Bowling, A&S Marketing and Communications

The University of Cincinnati Center for Public Engagement with Science (PEWS) has created three new sustainability internships, supported by UC's Research 2030 initiative. The internships were created as part of growing university-wide sustainability initiatives, according to Angela Potochnik, director of PEWS and professor of philosophy …

Adam Elzarka receives the prestigious award of a Truman Scholar.

Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Creative + Brand

“A&S student receives prestigious Truman Scholarship,”
by Natalie Ochmann, UC News 

Adam Elzarka is only the second University of Cincinnati student to win the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship, following his passion for refugee and immigrant resettlement toward a future role shaping public health policy. Elzarka’s achievement not only aligns with UC's commitment to academic excellence, but … 

Foliage with dew

Photo/Sonia Dauer for Unsplash

“UC offers new environmental studies degree,”
by Bryn Dippold, Student Journalist for A&S MarComm 

The University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts & Sciences has announced a new environmental studies Bachelor of Arts program to complement its current Bachelor of Science degree. The new interdisciplinary program will take a more humanities-focused approach… 

Jeffrey Kramer, archivist in Classics Department shown here at Blegen Library UC/Joseph Fuqua II

Photo/Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative + Brand

“Smithsonian highlights UC Classics’ early work at Troy,”
by Michael Miller, UC News 

Smithsonian magazine highlighted the University of Cincinnati's earliest archaeological work at Troy, the ancient city made famous by Homer.

Urban Impact

Urban Futures. Urban Health. CPS Strong. 

As an integral part of the community in which we work and live, we strive for positive, forward-thinking impact on local, regional and national levels. From climate to governance to social change, our College seeks to support our communities through research and partnerships.

All stories courtesy of UC News



“UC-led report identifies Cincinnati’s climate indicators,”
by Angela Koenig, UC News 

“We know that climate change is going to have all kinds of impact in Cincinnati. They aren’t just happening in the future, they are happening now,” says Carlie Trott, a University of Cincinnati associate professor of psychology who focuses on transformative change in environmental and social problems…

Jeff Blevins, Professor of Journalism, Department Head.

Photo/UC Creative + Brand/Colleen Kelley.

“WCPO: Here’s how you can identify ‘fake news’,”
by Angela Koenig, UC News

Professor of Journalism Jeffrey Blevins is highly visible of late, as an expert on the topic of misinformation. In a WCPO-I Team segment, Blevins said he defines fake news as "something that tries to pass itself off as being from a credible or legitimate news source when it is, in fact, not." In the segment he identifies…

Students participate in service learning through the Department of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures.


“WCPO: Questions linger, redistricting commission approves 2 new maps,”
by Angela Koenig, UC News

The debate continues over the redistricting of Ohio new state House and Senate maps. WCPO reports that the maps themselves, and the mapmaking process, drew fierce condemnation from Democrats and outside observers. Professor of Political Science David Niven weighs in… 

Innovation Agenda

1819 Innovation Hub. Co-Op 2.0. Inclusive Excellence.

Innovation lies at the heart of all we do. It leads us to push boundaries in academics, research, co-op opportunities and diversity and inclusion—all with an eye on cultivating a culture designed to advance and enrich our community and beyond.

All stories courtesy of UC News

Abstract image of an eye.

“UC research institute hosts first-annual festival of sensing,”
by Anne Bowling for UC News 

The University of Cincinnati's Institute for Research in Sensing hosted its first annual Expo & Festival of Sensing to convene an interdisciplinary conference exploring the topic of sensing in all its forms, from the sciences to the humanities…

Brittany Rice in the lab


“Innovative UC program opens doors for first-gen students,”
by Anne Bowling for UC News

Associate Professor of Chemistry Ryan White launched the Pathway to Undergraduate Research for First Generation College Students during the 2021-22 academic year, welcoming an inaugural cohort of eight students…

Mosquito on blue fabric


 "UC start-up makes advancements in ‘green’ chemistry,”
by Kyle Shaner, UC News  

A University of Cincinnati Venture Lab-backed startup is developing a new method of chemistry that could make a wide range of products including agrichemicals, pharmaceuticals and plastics more environmentally friendly …  

Assistant professor Ashley Ross received $4 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health to study the link between the brain and the immune system.

Photo/Ravenna Rutledge/UC Creative + Brand

“UC researcher named a 2022 Sloan Fellowship recipient,”
by Adrianna Henderson, Student Journalist for A&S Marketing and Communications

University of Cincinnati chemistry researcher Ashley Ross has received a 2022 Sloan Fellowship to continue and expand her study of how the brain communicates to the immune system through neurotransmitters, particularly during inflammatory disease…

A&S by the Numbers

Recruitment, Retention and Graduation Rates:

For AY 2022-23, the number of students confirming to A&S was up 16.5% and students whose primary college of interest in A&S was up 23% over year of year as of June, 2022. More importantly our commitment to diversity showed an increase in first gen students and URM students confirming to the college. Our first generation confirms were up 30% and our URM confirms were up 17%.

In Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022, we conferred 1,763 undergraduate degrees for an increase of 2.14% over the previous year. The total degrees conferred by A&S (undergraduate and graduate) saw a 2.04% increase, as a result of increased enrollment.

Fall 2022, Total A&S Enrollment (Undergraduate and Graduate): 8,292 
    •  % International Students: 5.9%
    •  % In-state Students: 76.44%
    • % Underrepresented Minorities: 21.24%