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McMicken College of Arts & Sciences


Undergraduate students work with a professional college advisor for planning all college core requirements, degree progress, and graduation certification needs. These advisors also provide all freshman year mandatory advising. To schedule an advising appointment, students can go online to their Blackboard "My Advisor" tab and then choose Starfish or call our office at (513) 556-5860.

A&S College Advisors - Declared Students

Each advisor assists their assigned students currently in an A&S program.

  • Brittany Miller, Academic Advisor
  • Brittany Price, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Carol Wissman, Asst. Academic Director
  • Craig Schmitt, Asst. Academic Director
  • David Gillespie, Asst. Academic Director
  • Dianne Turner-Ingham, Asst. Academic Director
  • Kevin Ploeger, Associate Academic Director
  • Lindsey Monnin, Academic Advisor
  • Lisa Griffith, Asst. Academic Director
  • Liz Daniel, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Loren Papin, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Pamela Rogers, Asst. Academic Director
  • Thomas Bevin, Academic Adivsor

College Advisors - Exploratory Advisors

This advisor team assists Exploratory students with course planning and major selection. Students currently in other UC colleges should schedule with the Center for Exploratory Studies (CES) for assistance in choosing a major.

Departmental & Faculty Advisors for A&S Students

Although college advisors assist students with planning for all of their core requirements, departmental & faculty advisors in every academic department advise students on requirements within the major.

Assistant Deans


Administrative Staff

  • Gail Kiley, Assistant Director
  • Gail Stocker, Program Director for Transfers, Veterans, and Academic Status
  • Lynne Bonner, Program Coordinator for Assistant Deans
  • Steven Hofferber, Program Coordinator

Support Staff

  • Rollin Workman, Volunteer Staff & Professor Emeritus
  • Jordan Bucey, Undergraduate Student Worker
  • Danny O'Connor, Undergraduate Student Worker
  • Lindsey Monnin, Undergraduate Student Worker
  • Maci Feser, Undergraduate Student Worker