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Religious Studies

The certificate in religious studies provides a multidisciplinary introduction to the study of religion by examining religious traditions through the methods of literary analysis, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history. Incorporating courses from several departments, the certificate fosters critical thinking by exposing students to diverse methodologies and perspectives. Students will deepen their conceptual understanding of religion as well as familiarize them with various religions. This certificate will help students engage in well-informed and thoughtful discourse about religion in general and specific religious traditions.


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1 years

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Judaic Studies
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences


3508 French Hall-West
Matthew Kraus
Phone: 513-556-2298

Career Possibilities

The certificate in religious studies can be useful for those interested in careers in

  • education
  • community service
  • a wide variety of religion-affiliated organizations
  • journalism
  • social work
  • business
  • many other fields that value individuals whose skills include research, writing and critical thinking

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.


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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Religious Studies Certificate Curriculum Guide

Predominant Program

    Religious Studies Certificate Requirements
    • JUDC2028, Introduction to Biblical Studies, HU, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One course from Religious Texts and Literary Approaches group below, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One course from Religious Traditions group below, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One course from Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives group below, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One course from Thought, Philosophy & Spirituality group below, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One additional course from any group below, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One course from Philosophy of Religion group below, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, One course from Anthropology of Religion group below, 3
    Free Elective
    • XXXX1xxx, 1000 level course(s) or above, 3
    Religious Traditions
    • AFST3045, African Religions, 3
    • CLAS1021, Greek and Roman Mythology, DC, HU, 3
    • CLAS1022, Mortals, Myth, and Magic in the Ancient World, DC, HU, 3
    • CLAS2033, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Mythology, DC, HU, 3
    • CLAS3002, Greek and Roman Religion, DC, HP, 3
    • CLAS3012, The Acropolis of Athens: An Ancient City's Sacred Heart , FA, HP, 3
    • RELG2062, History and Thought: Buddhism, DC, HP, 3
    Religious Texts and Literary Approaches
    • AFST2042, Religion in African American Literature, 3
    • CLAS2032, Celtic and Norse Mythology, DC, HU, 3
    • ENGL1075, Apocalypse Then and Now, DC, HU, 3
    • ENGL2076, Old Testament Literature, HU, 3
    • ENGL2077, New Testament Literature, HU, 3
    • ENGL3050, Bible and Literature I, 3
    • ENGL3051, Bible and Literature II, 3
    • JUDC1033, Ancient Stories of Creation, HU, 3
    • JUDC2026, Survey of the New Testament, HU, 3
    • JUDC2029, Bible: Hebrew Scriptures, DC, HU, 3
    • JUDC2031, Biblical Poetry, HU, 3
    • JUDC2032, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, HU, 3
    • JUDC2036, Introduction to Rabbinic Literature in Translation, DC, HU, 3
    • JUDC2037, Demons in the Bible and Related Texts, SE, HU, 3
    • JUDC2074, Cinema Divine: Religion and the Bible in Film, HP, HU, 3
    • JUDC3001, Biblical Narratives, 3
    • JUDC3003, Biblical Interpretation in the Greco-Roman Period (323BCE-620CE), 3
    • JUDC3028, Women in the Bible, DC, HP, 3
    • JUDC3048, The New Testament in its Jewish Matrix, 3
    • RELG2026, Survey of the New Testament, HU, 3
    • RELG2033, The Old Testament Between Jews and Christians, DC, HU, 3
    Social, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives
    • AFST3080, Black Church in America, 3
    • CATH1010, Foundations of Catholicism, DC, HP, 3
    • CATH2035, Religion in American Society, SE, HP, 3
    • GEOG1085, Contested Religious Landscapes of Northern Ireland, SE, SS, 3
    • GEOG3039, Geography of Religion, 3
    • HIST2027, Jesus, Judaism, and History, DC, HP, 3
    • HIST3001, History of Christianity I, HP, 3
    • HIST3002, History of Christianity II, HP, 3
    • HIST3003, Witchcraft and Religion in Early America, HP, 3
    • HIST3004, The Crusades, DC, HP, 3
    • HIST3067, Jews and Muslims in the Modern Mediterranean, 3
    • HIST3072, Saints and Sinners, 3
    • HIST4012, Religion and Society in Latin America, 3
    • HIST4054, The Reformation, 3
    • JUDC1027, History of Jewish Civilization I: Origins to 1500, DC, HP, 3 - 4
    • JUDC1028, History of Jewish Civilization 2: 1500 to the Present, DC, HP, 3 - 4
    • JUDC2034, Judaism and Christianity in Conflict, DC, HP, 3
    • JUDC2041, Women in Jewish Civilization, DC, HU, 3
    • JUDC3030, Jews and Islam, DC, HP, 3
    • JUDC3052, Gender and Judaism, 3
    • JUDC3061, American Jewish History 1654 to present, 3
    • JUDC3063, The Merchant of Venice in Historical Perspective, 3
    • JUDC3080, Dead Sea Scrolls, DC, HP, 3
    • JUDC3082, Studies in the Holocaust, 3
    • JUDC3084, The History of Antisemitism, 3
    • JUDC3085, Religion and Genocide, 3
    • JUDC3090, Art and Judaism, 3
    • JUDC4005, The Bible and the Ancient World, 3
    • JUDC6010, Antisemitism , 3
    • POL2022, The Politics of Law and Religion in the United States, DC, SS, 3
    • POL3015, Religion & Politics, 3
    • POL3062, Global religion and politics, DC, SS, 3
    • RELG1085, Contested Religious Landscapes of Northern Ireland, SE, SS, 3
    • RELG2030, Mysteries of the Bible, HP, HU, 3
    • RELG2035, Religion in American Society, SE, HP, 3
    • RELG3010, Understanding Religious Intolerance, DC, SE, 3
    • RELG3080, Black Church in America, 3
    • WGS2071, Women and Religion, DC, HU, 3
    • WGS3045, Women and Witchcraft, HP, HU, 3
    Thought, Philosophy, and Spirituality
    • JUDC1035, Introduction to Judaism, DC, HU, 3
    • JUDC2039, Evolution of the Angel, HU, 3
    • JUDC2044, Jewish Ethics, SE, HU, 3
    • JUDC2061, Modern Jewish Thinkers, DC, HU, 3
    • JUDC3017, God, 3
    • JUDC3095, Medieval Jewish Philosophy, 3
    • JUDC4087, The Book of Job and the Problem of Evil, 3
    • PHIL1030, Philosophy and Atheism , HU, 3
    • PHIL2042, Science, Magic and the Occult , HU, 3
    • RELG2040, Chanukah in History, DC, HP, 3
    • RELG2060, Yoga in Its Hindu Matrix, DC, HU, 3
    • RELG3017, God, 3
    • RELG3018, Eat, Drink, Pray, Love: Food, Alcohol, and Sex in Jewish Life and Law, SE, HU, 3
    • RELG3019, Suffering and Death, DC, HU, 3
    • RELG3051, Spirituality and Mysticism, 3
    • WGS2070, Feminist Perspectives on Spirituality, DC, HU, 3
    Required Course in Anthropology of Religion
    • ANTH1001, Cultural Anthropology, DC, SS, 3
    • ANTH1002, Cultural Anthropology, DC, SS, 3
    • ANTH2068, Religion in Culture, DC, SS, 3
    Required Course in Philosophy of Religion
    • PHIL2030, Philosophy and Religion, DC, HU, 3
    • RELG1001, Introduction to the Study of Religion, HU, 3

UC Advantages and Special Opportunities

Students in UC's McMicken College of Arts and Sciences enjoy many benefits afforded through study at a research-intensive institution ranked among the nation's top 25 public research universities. UC's urban, Tristate location offers exciting opportunities for global education, research and service learning, while its student-centered focus includes an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, a nationally recognized Center for Exploratory Studies and a highly successful First Year Experience program that teaches critical skills for first-year students and provides connections with important campus resources.



Special Programs

Whether your interest arises from a desire to examine of the religious tradition of your own family or community, to develop of intercultural literacy, to study questions of purpose and value, or to complement your  intellectual interests in areas such as ethics, literary analysis, philosophy, sociology, anthropology or history via the study of religion, you can pursue those goals by completing this certificate. The certificate in religious studies can be part of a liberal arts education that prepares you to deal with complexity and diversity, and helps you develop analytical skills and a sense of social responsibility.

Admission Requirements

Students already pursuing a degree in any college at UC can add the certificate to their program. Be sure to submit a declaration of the certificate program using our online form.

In addition, you must meet with the program director so that they are aware that you are pursuing the certificate and can advise you appropriately. Do this early enough to avoid delay in obtaining your certificate.

Students not currently pursuing a degree may declare the certificate after establishing non-matriculated status.

Graduation Requirements

Make sure that you have declared the certificate program online. Next, make sure that the certificate program director is aware of when you are finishing the program. If you are pursuing another bachelor's degree, then your certificate will be reviewed at the time that you submit your separate degree application.


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