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Non-Profit & Community Leadership

The non-profit and community leadership (ORGL-NP) certificate will provide an interdisciplinary set of knowledge and skills needed to work in the nonprofit or public sector. 

The certificate includes formal classroom training in leadership, non-profit management, and program evaluation, as well as a required practicum experience in a local organization.  Elective coursework further allows students to hone their leadership skills while also exploring specific content knowledge in an area of interest (e.g., gender, health, urban development). Collectively, these courses provide the content knowledge and hands-on application experiences that will prepare students for careers in the public sector or for graduate study in a related field (e.g., Public Administration, Community Psychology). 


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2 years

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Department of Psychology
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences


Edwards One -4130K
45 W. Corry Blvd.
Cincinnati,OH  45221-0376
Nancy Rogers PhD
Phone: 513-556-1476

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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Non-Profit and Community Leadership

Predominant Program

    Required Courses
    • OLHR2048, Foundations of Nonprofit and Community Leadership, SS, 3
    • OLHR2070, Organizational Leadership and the Law, 3
    • OLHR3050, The Practice of Leadership, 3
    • OLHR3053, Organizational Assessment and Evaluation, 3
    Required Field Experience
    • AFST3020, Community Engagement and Service Learning (The "It Takes a Village" Program), 3
    • COMM2012, Persuasion and Civic Engagement, 3
    • INT3001, Academic Internships for Multidisciplines - Semester 1, 1 - 12
    • OLHR4095, Individual Work in OLHR, 1 - 3
    • POL2055, Win! How to Use Politics to Achieve Your Personal and Organizational Agenda, SS, 3
    Advanced Leadership and Teamwork
    • COMM3008, Introduction to Organizational Communication, 3
    • OLHR3055, Organizational Development and Planning, 3
    • OLHR4051, Leading Innovation and Change, 3
    Discipline-Based Emphasis Area
    • AFST3052, Community Health and Minorities: Yeserday, Today, and Tomorrow, DC, SS, 3
    • COMM2004, Communicating About Health, Environment and Science, SE, SS, 3
    • COMM3049, Intercultural Communication, DC, SE, 3
    • HPE3071, Health Education Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation I, 3
    • OLHR2010, How to Change the World I, DC, SE, 3
    • OLHR2011, Changemakers: Lessons Learned through Travel in the Developing World, DC, SE, 3
    • OLHR2062, Women and Activisim, DC, SE, 3
    • OLHR3089C, Leadership Latte: Gender and Leadership in a Global Market, DC, SE, 3
    • PLAN2002, Foundations for Planning Urban Economies, SS, 3
    • PLAN2004, Social Structure and Change, SE, SS, 3
    • PSYC3034, Diversity and Health, 3
    • SOC2028, Women, Culture & Society, DC, 3
    • SOC2073, Drugs and Society, SE, SS, 3
    • SOC2075, Sociology of the Family, SS, 3
    • SOC2095, Sociology of the Black Family, DC, SS, 3
    • SOC3045, Urban Society, SE, 3
    • SOC3071, Social Change, SE, 3
    • SOC3073, Sociology of Race, DC, SS, 3
    • SOC3080, Men and Masculinity, DC, 3
    • SOC3081, Sociology of Sexuality, SE, 3
    • SOC3086, Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media, SS, 3
    • SOC3090, Sociology of Health and Illness, SE, 3
    • SOC4084, Social Inequality, 3
    • SW2050, Families in America, DC, SS, 3
    • SW2055, Poverty in America, SE, SS, 3
    • WGS2062, Women and Activism, DC, SE, 3
    • WGS3037, Women and Global Issues, DC, SS, 3
    • WGS3038, Gender and Political Justice, SE, 3

UC Advantages and Special Opportunities

Students in the UC McMicken College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) enjoy many benefits afforded through study at a research-intensive institution ranked among the nation's top 25 public research universities. UC's urban, Tristate location offers exciting opportunities for global education, research and service learning, while its student-centered focus includes an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, a nationally recognized Center for Exploratory Studies and a highly successful First Year Experience program that teaches critical skills for first-year students and provides connections with important campus resources.


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