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Legal Studies

Legal Studies Certificate --

Law is an integral part of all facets of our society. Students will benefit from learning about law, the governmental institutions where law is created, the impact of law on our economy and other aspects of our society, and the legal profession. The certificate will be valuable for students who will pursue careers in which knowledge of law will benefit them, such as business, journalism, criminal justice, medicine, engineering, product design, and many other careers.

Further, the certificate will benefit students considering attending law school.


Students should review and declare the certificate early (2nd or 3rd year) to enable flexibility in scheduling options.



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1 years

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Political Science
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1102 Crosley
Cincinnati,OH  45221-0375
Andrew Lewis
Phone: 513-556-2303

Career Possibilities

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.


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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Cerificate of Legal Studies

Predominant Program

    Required Courses
    • POL1090, Law, Politics, and Society, SE, SS, 3
    • LAW2001, Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession, DC, SE, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, At least one course from the Political Science Grouping, 3 - 9
    • XXXXxxxx, At least one course from Interdisciplinary Pathways Grouping, 3 - 9
    • XXXXxxxx, Minimum of 18 credits total necessary for this certificate, 0
    Political Science Pathway
    • POL2021, American Courts + Judicial Process, SE, SS, 3
    • POL2022, The Politics of Law and Religion in the United States, DC, SS, 3
    • POL2087, Cooperation in International Relations, SS, 3
    • POL2088, International Law and Organization, SE, SS, 3
    • POL2089, International Human Rights, SE, SS, 3
    • POL2097, International Institutions: Responding to Global Threats, SS, 3 - 5
    • POL3021, Constitutional Law: Federal System, 3
    • POL3022, Constitutional Law: Civil Rights + Liberties, 3
    • POL3089, Ethics, Violence, and War, SE, SS, 3
    Interdisciplinary Pathway
    • AEEM6067, Entrepreneurship and Technology Law, 3
    • BLAW2080, Legal Environment of Business, SE, 3
    • BLAW2090, Consumer Law, 3
    • BLAW4035, Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship, 3
    • BLAW4045, Global Legal Environment, 3
    • CM2001, Construction Documents, Law & Project Delivery Systems, 3
    • CVE6044, Construction Law, 3
    • EMED3035, Media Law, 3
    • EVST6001, Global Environmental Law and Policy, 3
    • EVST6002, Global Biodiversity: Law and Policy, 3
    • HIST4002, From Natural Law to Human Rights? , 3
    • INT3001, Academic Internships for Multidisciplines - Semester 1, 1 - 12
    • JOUR2020, Media, Law & Ethics, 3
    • JZST6062, Music Business II, 3
    • MLTI2030, Disability Rights Law, 1 - 5
    • MLTI2031, American Constitutional Landmarks, SS, 2 - 4
    • MLTI3050, Mock Trial Internship, 1 - 3
    • OLHR2070, Organizational Leadership and the Law, 3
    • PHIL3005, Philosophy of Law , 3
    • POL3032, Global Environmental Law and Policy, 3
    • POL3033, Global Biodiversity: Law and Policy, 3
    • POL4090, Internship Practicum, 3
    • WGS2039, Introduction to Justice, Gender, and the Law, SE, SS, 3
    • WGS3050, Women, Gender, and the Law, SE, 3


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