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Film & Media Studies

What is Film & Media Studies?

Film, television, and digital media have grown increasingly ubiquitous and complex in the 21st century, making it essential that we are able to understand, control, and create media in the workplace and in our professional, civic and private lives. The new interdisciplinary 36-credit BA program in Film & Screen Studies is built to train students to comprehend, analyze, and participate in local and global film and screen media cultures and industries.  Majors will explore important issues, theories, movements, and histories of media throughout the globe. They will study both traditional and new media and technologies from film and television to video games and web series. They will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the many ways of making and distributing screen media. The major in Film and Screen Media Studies will prepare students for careers in media and technology, education, journalism, filmmaking, audio-visual archives, as well as prepare them for graduate studies in media.

In addition to room instruction, the program offers numerous internships and international study tours that provide experiential learning and practical training. The program is designed to pair with a variety of other majors and minors to equip students with a strong and marketable toolbox of relevant skills and certifications.

Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities:

  • Film Programmer
  • Museums & Festival Curator
  • Game Designer
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Screenwriter
  • Teacher
  • Filmmaker
  • Copywriter
  • Digital marketing
  • Media producer

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The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Quick Facts

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film & Media Studies

Full-Time Program Duration

4 Years


Uptown Campus West

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733 Old Chemistry
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Phone: (513) 556-2751
Dr. Todd Herzog